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Views by some...30 Apr 2009

All Members And ESM Organisations

On Emailing List of "Report My Signal".

Dear Friends,

Jai Hind.
Some of the emails received from members are reproduced below.

On behalf of YOU ALL, 'i' thank all the members who have sent these emails to us.
Secondly - Reference emails below from Maj Gen Rajendra Prakash, AVM RP Mishra and Maj Bhupal Singh, regarding Email 359/2009. I apologise to these veterans and all other veterans who felt hurt with the contents of email 359/2009.

But let me also inform you all as to what drove me to use that unduly harsh language - till yesterday we had a veteran who was the Convener of IESM Punjab. All of a sudden yesterday he started canvassing for Indian National Congress and its allies. I was shocked with this news - but that does not justify the rude language used by me in the Email 359/2009.

IESM once again appeals to you all to vote for BJP and its allies but of course you all are free to vote for any one you wish to.
In Service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.
From: Rajendra Prakash
To: "Kamboj,CS, Brig"
Cc: "IESM - Kadyan, Raj, Lt Gen"

Date: Thursday, 30 April, 2009, 12:08 PM
Dear Brigadier Kamboj,

Let me say at the outset, that I am going to vote BJP on 13 May, here, out of my own conviction.

Having established my credentials with IESM, I feel entitled to make as candid a response to your personal opinions, as your have done so bluntly and publically, on the Internet, in 'RmS' No 359/2009.

Personally, I am surprised and disappointed at the tone of recent issues of "Report my Signal", specifically, 'RmS' No 359/2009. Do you really believe that all your comrades who are not for BJP have a 'personal agenda', are 'shamefully betraying the Defence personnel', and are foolish to have an 'ethos'. Are you seriously implying that only you people have the interest of PBOR at heart, know the best, and anyone differing, does it at his peril - a pure fascist concept, I am afraid !

Expression of your opinions and advice, so vehemently and offensively will not convince many at our age and service, to drop life-long norms of behavior as officers (and hopefully, gentlemen), for a passing expediency ? Life will go on, even after Elections, 2009 !

May I suggest that convincing but moderate language in 'RmS', and respect for brother officers may fetch IESM more dividends, than plain abuse.

I for one would not like to read 'RmS', if it continues in the same vein.

Rajendra Prakash.
From: RP Mishra
Subject: Personal motives for voting for congress
To: "Brig CS Kamboj"
Date: Thursday, 30 April, 2009, 12:11 PM
This is with reference to your REPORT MY SIGNAL mail 359/2009. I reproduce an extract below "Probably all those veterans who still want to support Indian National Congress and its allies have some personal agenda in view and have no value for the interest of other Defence personnel and their families. They have no shame in betraying the interests of Defence personnel."

I felt rather sorry on reading the above remark. While an advice can be given to ex-servicemen bringing out pros and cons of voting to a particular party, finally it is for the voter to decide, based on his own judgement , whether to follow any one's advice. It is hitting below the belt if he is told that he had personal agenda for not voting for a particular party.

Actually what the above remark brings out is that if some one votes for congress, he will be assumed to be a traiter as far as cause of ESM are concerned. Subhash Chandra Bose did not agree with Mahatma Gandhi that peaceful methods can achieve independence, and he chose to form INA. Just because he went his own way, can he be termed unpatriotic. My request is that advisory may be permitted to remain advisory rather than attributing motives if one votes as per his conscience.

AVM RP Mishra
D-187 Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector-30, Gurgaon-122001
From: bhupal singh
To: Kamboj Chander ; CS Kamboj
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 1:35 PM

Dear All,

I agree with the views of Brig Chander Kamboj ( suggest be a little mild- a humble & friendly suggestion- in ur language, no offence intended), Gen Satbir Singh & Brig SVS Cahaudhary. We must give one chnace to BJP & its constituents to live by its promise. Let us try it. Congress Party ( INC) & it allies have done nothing significant for all of us, both serving & retired. Hence it stands to reason that we all unitedly vote for the alternative. With best wishes,

Bhupal Singh, Veteran


Subject: FW: Reaching out to the Villages by IESM, Panchkula

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:19:07 +0530

In our drive to further disseminate the IESM message, and to canvas for the BJP for the forthcoming voting in Haryana, four of us ─ Lt Col SS Kalia, Col RS Kaushal, Brig SS Jaswal, and Brig Kiran Krishan visited three villages, Raipur Rani, Barwala, and Ratte Wali on April 29. All the meetings were well attended, but Ratte wali was a surprise ─ about 15 rural ladies listened to us with rapt attention along with a crowd of 50 or so, about 25 of whom were ex-servicemen. All the meetings were addressed by Lt Col SS Kalia and self, ably buttressed with pungent arguments by Brig Jaswal and Col Kaushal. It all went down rather well.

Lot of ex-servicemen are still clueless about their pensions. We dished out the tables sent to us with a write-up on Jan 8, 2009 or thereabouts by Maj Gen Satbir Singh. Here is a suggestion. The same handout should be updated with our latest achievements, and changes accepted by the Government after that date under pressure, duly reflected as such, should be sent to us in double QuickTime. If possible, a translation in Hindi should be included. About 100 application forms were also distributed, along with other IESM literature. We intend following up after the elections.

More such visits are on the cards.

The BJP logistic support was lacking despite that we are undertaking canvassing for them. We are using own resources.


Brig Kiran Krishan, SM (Retd)
Coordinator, IESM

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