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I have placed facets of IESL at
Very useful information for veterans who do not know about IESL, a premier ESM organisation- the only one recognised by MOD, linked to RESL, with a membership of 2.8 lakhs. This large organisation working incessantly for welfare of our Jawans is truly not known to many. If 2.8 lakh members are active it will certainly be a force to reckon with especially when honour, status and rank of Jawans have been degraded by successive Pay Commissions.
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Report My Signal Blog Team

1. Office Bearers
(i) Brig R K S Gulia: President (in Chair)
(ii) Col N L Verma: Sr Vice President
(iii) Col V K Singh: Vice President
(iv) Lt Col B S Ghumman: Vice President
(v) Col V P Singh: Hony Treasurer

2. Some modalities were also discussed and it was decided that the following Core Group would be constituted for the purpose:
(a) Maj Gen R N Radhakrishnan
(b) Brig Kartar Singh
(c) Col N L Verma
(d) Col Bhag Singh, VSM

3. The General Secretary read out the Annual Report of the League and significant issues like interior economy, fiscal control, chartered accountants audit, enhanced interaction with Power Corridors, financial assistance and action plans were amplified. Minutes of the 200th Executive Committee Meeting were also read out, along with the budget and the same was proposed by Lt Col Munshi Ram and seconded by Col Bhag Singh, VSM.

4. It was highlighted that whilst our membership had reached approx 2.8 lakhs (details statewise handed over to attendees) there was an urgent requirement of increasing the number of members, for which a concerted drive at State/Distt level was required.

5. The President apprised all members of the urgent and inescapable interior economy measures undertaken by us. For over four decades the complex had not been subjected to pest control measures resulting in gradual deterioration of its condition especially the wood work. An AMC for pest control to include termites, bugs, insects, cockroaches etc was undertaken and the tasks have been completed. Detailed market analysis was done and regular monitoring of the work was done by the Board of Officers constituted for the purpose. Some key projects undertaken during these renovations and repairs were improvement in the security of the complex by perimeter fencing, a new gate, signage, whitewashing/painting/varnishing, anti leakage/seepage measures, improvement in accommodation of the annexe, transit rooms, additional wash rooms, work stations etc. Expenditure details of the projects undertaken were also spent out. Passing of the expenditure was proposed by Col Bhag Singh, VSM and seconded by Hav S N Shahi.

6. General Secretary briefed the attendees on the establishment of the Pensioners Portal at our HQs under the ages of Ministry of Personnel, Pay and Grievances. This was a part of the E-Governance initiative of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and would prove to be a extremely beneficial for all pensioners. It was highlighted that due to our activities and our recognition by GOI that we had been earmarked for this prestigious project. Co-operation of all State Leagues was requested to make the scheme a success. Format for redressal of grievances and the requirements therein had been sent to all State Leagues and replies awaited. It was also decided that for all future members, subscribers for the Magazine and RCEL beneficiaries these inputs would be submitted alongwith application forms. The motion was proposed by Lt Col Munshi Ram and seconded by Cdr Inder Singh, VrC.

7. Giving a brief background on the subject, the President explained the necessity for incorporating essential amendments to the constitution. A Board of Officers headed by Brig K N Singh with experienced members like Brig Mohinder Singh, (Punjab) Brig Kartar Singh, (Rajasthan) Col R P Sarin, (Delhi) and Col Karan Singh, VSM (Legal Background) had been constituted in the earlier half of 2008 and had a series of meetings, after which they submitted the proceedings on 16 Sep 2008. All the 25 recommended amendments/deletions were explained in detail by the President and views of the House taken. Of these only 2 were pended for further consideration and the remaining 23 were approved. For details please refer to Appx attached wherein the details are given. These 23 amendments were unanimously approved for projection to the Governing Council for approval.

8. The President apprised the house of the requirement of constituting a “Wage Board” for the emoluments of the permanent staff of IESL. The last Wage Board had been constituted in 2004 with the recommendations applicable w.e.f 01 Jan 2005, and as a period of 5 years has elapsed revision was necessitated w.e.f 01 Jan 2010. The motion was unanimously accepted by the House.

9. The attendees were briefed on the visit of Col Paul Davis, CBE Secretary General RCEL alongwith Mrs Jessica Davis to us in Nov 2008. The visit was extremely successful and details of subsequent discussions by our management committee with him were also spelt out. In view of the global recession, there was likelihood of reduction in some grants, especially for major projects we were however, likely to have the RCEL Medical Grant resumed during the current year. There was a discussion on despatch of RCEL cheques through the respective State Leagues, but it was decided that status quo would be maintained and despatch of cheques to states leagues would only be resorted to for special occasions on the specific request of the State President. State Leagues would however, be informed about the number of beneficiaries in their respective States twice during the year (on distribution of the two installments of the grants). The Agenda was proposed by Col R P Sarin and seconded by Dfr Animesh Ghosh.

10. The meeting then adjourned for a presentation by Maj Gen A Shrivastava, MD ECHS wherein all the delegates and Governing Council members who were in location were also requested to attend. The session was conducted as under:
(a) Briefing on activities of our League, including activities throughout the country by Brig R K S Gulia, President.
(b) Presentation by MD ECHS including a Question Answer Session (QAS) with the attendees.
(c) Expression of our gratitude to the visiting officer and presentation of our memento as a token of our regard to him.

Detailed Report
IESL formed in 1965- 44 years ago

Comment: The most important audited report "financial statement" which is for public information as per Society Act of 1860 was not traceable in the minutes of the General Body Meeting.

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