Wednesday, May 27, 2009

League asks the ex-servicemen to gird up their loin for a long battle

From: prabhjot singh

Subject: Press Note

Date: Tuesday, 26 May, 2009, 9:01 AM

League asks the ex-servicemen to gird up their loin for a long battle

Press Note

Patiala - 25 May. In its letter, dt 25-5-2009 faxed to Defence Minister, A.K. Antony, Indian Ex-services League, Punjab and Chandigarh, the oldest and a non-political body ex-servicemen , has thanked the Centre govt. for issuing the orders for assigning Pay –Band IV to Lt .Cols and equivalents in the other forces but reminded the Defense Minister that though the Centre govt. has done enough for the officer cadre, it can not shirk its responsibility towards the PBORs ( Personnel below the officer rank ) who count for 96 % of the total strength and in fact form the backbone of the Armed Forces of India.

The league has, categorically, demanded of Defence Minister that the Hav. and equivalents in other forces be placed in Pay Band PB-2 and Subedars and their equivalents in Pay Band PB-3 if the Govt. really wants the justice to be done to the PBORs. The league has further demanded that provision of two family pensions be made for the widow of the ex-serviceman who drew two pensions during his life time. A large no. ex-servicemen, primarily PBORs up to the rank Hav. and equivalent have to seek second employment in the civil after their retirement from defence service and thus they earn second pension in their civil service but the widows of such PBORs are entitled for only one family pension as per the rules in vogue. The league has also asked for assured promotion up to JCO rank in 15 years for PBORs as has been provisioned for officers. It has also demanded suitable re-employment for PBOR up to age of 60 years as in the case civil employees.

The League lamented that PBORs have been betrayed on both the fronts. While on one hand, the Sixth Pay Central Commission has not done the justice with PBORs while recommending the Pay –Band applicable to different ranks among the PBORs, on the other hand, the Senior Brass of the defense forces, who have been projecting themselves as their saviors, used them only for their own benefits and did not utter even a single word even after seeing the PBORs of the rank of Havildar in Pay –Band PB-I at par with the Class-IV employees and Subedar Major,the senior most rank among the PBORs, in Pay Band PB-II.

The league has sounded a clarion call to the PBORs , other like minded organizations and all well wishers of the ex-servicemen to gird up their loin and get ready for a long battle to get the injustice undone themselves because you can not breathe the air of heaven unless you die your-self. Even though, you stood firmly with big brothers, you can not be sure of their support when you need it now.

Sgt. Prabhjot Singh PLS(Retd.)


Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab and Chandigarh

Mob. 98554-09128


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