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ESM Meet at Dehra Dun 11 may 2009...Lt Gen KK Khanna

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Gen Nandwani and Lt Col Brij Thapa have given you prompt feedback of the Meet already. I am writing this more for record.

Despite short notice, I am happy that we were able to bring together a large No of ESM of different affiliations. The presence of Brig KG Behl and Lt Col Brij Thapa of the Dehradun ESL was most significant and needs appreciation. Lt Col Brij Thapa contributed whole heartedly, in the interest of ex servicemen. A large No of members of UESL (Uttrakhand ESL) and DESL (Dehradun ESL) including Col BD Dangwal were present, thanks to them.

The person who did all the groundwork, but never came on the stage at all (despite my request), is Col TS Payal (pronounced like Dayal). (Col Payal, alongwith some other ESM, has been instrumental in enrolling large number of ESM for IESM)

The senior officers present were, Air Marshal G Sen, Lt Gens HB Kala, Anand Sarup, Self, besides Generals Samsher Singh, Gosain, C Nandwani who received the guests at Jolly Grant in his car and saw them off. Brig Anand, Col Dewan, Col BD Dangwal and many other very active ex servicemen graced the meet. Many ladies were present as may be seen in the photographs.

Due to delay in the flight from Delhi, lunch had been served for the audience before the VIPs arrived. As we waited, Brig Behl, Lt Col Thapa, and Col Painuly addressed the audience. Dr Nautiyal (Dental) handled the ceremonies.

Gen Satbir was the first, highly motivating, articulate speaker who made his apolitical approach very clear to one and all. His thrust was welfare measures for exservicemen, that are not generally known and said that the IESM approach was to support the BJP only at present, in view of their promise. Should they also not deliver our approach would change in the best interest of ex servicemen. He was highly convincing. We regret the pro BJP expressions by a section of the audience. These were spontaneous, and not pre-planned.

Similarly Gen SK Sinha’s highly intellectual and lucid discourse in Hindi, convinced one and all. Both speakers took on ‘questions’, though these are more speeches than questions. General Nandwani invited Gen Anand Sarup, MVC, to come on the stage and thank Gen Sinha. Both Air Marshal Sen and Gen Kala had advised this. The National Anthem was the first and last organised activity.

Gen Nandwani and Brij Thapa have already informed you about the presence of the Press.

Our attempt was to organise it more like an event at a Service Institution rather than like a civilian or ESM rally. We are happy to have been able to do so, to a great extent.

We thank Gen Satbir for coming and addressing the ESM of Doon Valley and arranging the talk by Lt Gen SK Sinha, PVSM.

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(Lt Gen KK Khanna, Former Commandant IMA)

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