Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elections Stunts and Further by Col Malaiappan

Col K Malaiappan -

Dear Sirs
1. Heartiest congradulations for your concentrated attacks to get the entitled in which most of the issues are almost cleard.
Congress clears this that gets EC notice etc
Prime Ministerial Candidate visit IESM Dharna Place, promises this, that etc,
BJP announces ESM welfare Election manifesto...
Congress Govt clears and issues orders and committees of IESM demands which was manifested in BJP Election manifesto
DMK promises Colonel Malaiappan that they will implement all policies of KSB, take up all issues with the Union Govt and get the maximum for ESM (O) & ESM who have given the best of their youth to the
betterment of Indians tommorrow for the security of India etc
Many other political parties in the same or more striking manner.
& IN TAMIL NADU to some extent DUE TO THE PROXIMITY OF COLONEL MALAIAPPAN TO THE TOP BOSSES IN POLITICS AND FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL IN MADRAS HIGH COURT and getting WP 21788 OF 2009 ORDER DATED 22-4-2009 and more to come after elections are over.(IAS Babus are scared of this orderand Politicians are liely to come heavily on IAS Babus)
4. Leason learnt/Result achieved. Donot leave any stone unturned. Which ever baby cries gets milk. Try all sources to get the best for IESM. Don't put all eggs in one Basket. (do not go with one political Party maintain the status we help those who help us at the earliest)
5. Be in the right side of Chiefs and carry them along with us. Any circastisism done on them strike those who does & to the worst.
6. Further demand more legally justifiable issues like counting service with pay and allowances in IMA/OTA for officers due to the enhanced QR of Graduation at the time of entering IMA/OTA at par with civil services where in the entry level QR is Graduation.
7. One year advanced pay paritywith Civil services ie on 14-1 years, pay of Dirctor/JS to Armed Forces Offrs and Qualification pay as those of Doctors, Dentists, Vet Doctors etc to those who joined as Engg Graduates along with ante dated seniority as those of these
8. Absorbing PBORs in their proportinate cadres/trade related posts of Govt/PSUs, Autonomus Bodies along with their services in Armd Forces counted, instead of Police and Para Military Forces, Forest Guards only.
9. Department of ESM Welfare Boards to be managed by Retd Commissioned officers and ESM as per KSB Policy of the year 1998 (In website). No IAS Babus are entittled to be in any Board. Relate it to the order of High Court of Madras in WP No 1793 of 2004 dated 22-4-2004 &WP No 21788 of 2009 dated 22-4-2009
10. State ESM Corporations are functioning with the Funds provided from State Exservicemen's Benevolent Funds and as per policy Chairman and all functionaries to be Retired Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces ONLY who qualify to be ESM (O) (Para 12 b of DGR Instructions for functioning of Security Agencies as pere the orderss of High Court of Madras in WP No 21788 of 2009 & WP No 1793 of 2004
11. Keep the momento do not get complecent
12. My statistical and reasoned likely out come in Tamil Nadu in 2009 Parliament Election:-
Partyies Votes likely to get Seats likely to get out of 40 incl Pondy
Maximum Minimum
DMK+ INC etc 47% 40 33 or 3 (in the worst scenario)
ADMK+ etc 37% 0 -
37 30 ( in the above worst scenario
which is the best for this allies)
DMDK 12% 0 0
Others (which includes BJP) 4% 0 0 (in the worst scenario)
1 0 (in the best scenario)
13. Whether DMK wins or ADMK wins in Tamil Nadu, INC or BJP gets single largest majority in centre Tamil Nadu will dicte whch has been hapenning. I will have great say in all four scenarios.
14. Likely out come in centre
INC 173 seats & has more chances to form Govt
BJP 164 seatrs
15. Who ever comes to power IESM and all ESM should be the gainers and get all lost dues in the past decades.
16. Long live IESM and cheers to General Kadayan and his team of untiring veterans
17. It is requested that this be circulated widely
With best wishes and regards

Yours Sincerly

Colonel K Malaiappan (Retd), BE,MBA,(BL)

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