Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IESM Members data is online by Cdr Sharan ahuja

Dear All members of IESM,

IESM is having a web site www.iesm.org which is fully functional and being updated with all the related news almost on hourly basis daily.

2. Wish to bring to the notice of all members that the feeding in of data of the IESM members is going on a fast pace and one can view his name by going to the site www.iesm.org and click on " Register" tab which is 4th from left on top. So far the data fed in is as below in para 4.

3. On click of : Register" on the Home page of the site you will see 4 tabs in a row called

"Membership form" / "Register On line" / "Registration Procedure" / "View Members"

4. On click of "View Members " tab you would see the various rows

"Number of members from Army " 932 View ( 1 to 59 pages)
"Number of members from Navy" 98 View ( 1 to 6 pages)
"Number of members from Airforce"" 195 View (1 to 13 pages)

In click of View for respective service you would be seeing the names of the members. This list is incomplete and is being worked upon continuesly daily by Maj Gen PK Renjen the Treasurer of IESM at Gurgaon. The no at the bottom of the site www.iesm.org home page shows Total members (data entry in progress) 1259 as of today 20 May 2009.
Those whose name does not appear need not despair as evry day almost 40-60 members data is being keyed in and if you keep on seeing the site daily you should soon find your name in the list.

Soon a " Search" facilty will be incorporated and also the data would be displayed in the grid in ascending order of surnames..so it will be easier to locate one's name in the respective service lists.

Any suggestions for the site are welcome.


Cdr Sharan ahuja (Retd)
Member Core Group IESM

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