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Col DP Singh's Views

From: Colonel DPSingh

Subject: Fw: Ex-Servicemen League Photographs

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Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 2:20 AM

Dear Editor,

God and soldier all men adore, in time of danger and not before, when the danger is passed and all things righted, God is forgotten and soldier is SLIGHTED.

120 Ex Servicemen gathered together in the state of Art Punjabi Heritage Bhavan Hall at Sector 8 B CBD 9 (Given free of cost). The excellent ambience of the hall could not suppress the dismay, anger and frustration of these disciplined soldier, who were in a war like mood.

Made to run from pillar to post one after another eminent high ranking soldiers exhorted the members from all over Navi Mumbai to JOIN HANDS, from a vote bank, so that they can become a viable force and make their voice be heard in the political gallery. Mr. Nambia R the General Secretary of Ex Servicemen league CBD welcomed the August gathering and traced the history of this registered 19 year old league. The treasurer Mr. T.D Thomas read out the Accounts, which showed they were penniless.

The President Lt. Col. (Retd) D. P. Singh explained how they had been pleading for very simple things which would bring about their lost “ FAUZI IZZAT” and instill a sense of pride not only in the ex-serviceman but also in the younger generation who were reluctant to join the Armed Forces. At present ARMY ALONE has a shortage of 16, 000 officers which were effecting the fighting efficiency of our country. This young generation on seeing the plight of Ex Servicemen are reluctant to join the hazardous and dangerous profession of Armed Forces.

Lt. Col (Retd) D. P. Singh state that the Netas and Bureaucracy are not meting our easy to implement and simple Demand of naming two roads in each NODE of Navi Mumbai after war veteran and famous SHAHIDS showed their mind set. After all there have been cases when Roads have been named after relatives of Corporators even.

Lt. Col (Retd) D. P. Singh further stated that this 21st century city with the richest Municipal Corporation is incomplete without a “SHAHID SAMARARK” which will be another Milestone if constructed. The reluctance to make this shows the apathy towards the Ex Servicemen. The President Lt. Col (Retd) D. P. Singh explained that their league has not been able to do much, because of a lack of office. There request for an office has FALLEN on deaf ears. The Pathetic State of Affairs is that they are functioning out of MANGO GARDEN CBD braving heat, cold and rains vis a vis in sector 8 CBD a huge complex has been made called Mother Teresa Multi Purpose Complex, except for Political activity, there is hardly any worth mentioning activity going on there. Money is being squandered for the benefit of Politician and their Relatives a newly constructed DAY CARE CENTRE again in Sector 8 CBD to is being allotted to a front organization which does not even by any stretch of imagination meet the qualitative requirements laid down. However he was sure the Bureaucracy will help in circumventing the same to please the powerful NETAS of CBD.

Lt. Col. (Retd) D. P. Singh stated that in India 14 states have exempted the FAUJIS to pay the Property Tax but for Maharashtra and this Cash Rich Navi Mumbai Municipal Committee yet to grand.

Wing Commander KHERA a very successful and famous businessman known for his transparent and honest dealings moved the house by giving emotional talk, he said that today he is the owner of four different companies all because of his service and training in the Air Force. He said he feels his moral responsibility to return to the services and the society hence he has started a placement agency wherein he places the ex-servicemen and their family members absolutely FREE OF COST.

Commander Gurubaksh Singh a highly respected resident of Navi Mumbai who is known for his social activism and philanthropic nature, because of whom today’s meet was possible. Chairman of Punjabi Association and active ex-serviceman with links all over the world promised that he will get the plot allotted through CIDCO to sub area to enable the armed forces to build a multi-purpose complex housing, canteen ECHS and a rest house for the sainiks. He assured his continuous support socially, financially to our league

General (Retd) Dutt explained the necessity of unity, he also told that gathering to continue to remain calm, quiet and disciplined.

Brig (Retd) Sharma said that the banks were not paying to the Pensioners their dues and thus poor soldiers in for flung villages were suffering Cdr D. S. Yadav explained the need of helping the financially poor ex-servicemen.

Brig (Retd) Dharam Parkash gave the History of Indian Ex Servicemen movement since Dec 2008, hteir Dharna, their rallies and depositing 10,000 gallantry award medals with the President of India. This is a ALL INDIA movement Main Demand is (OROP) One Rank One Pension for the same length of service is our demand pending since last 20 years. Various Governments promised to solve this problem, however it remains unsolved.

Major Bharti thanked the Gurudwara Sahib CBD for providing Mahaprasad.

The President Lt. Col. (Retd) D. P. Singh concluded by saying that they will be sitting on a Dharna outside NMMC in last week of July. They will be gaining support of not only Navi Mumbai but Mumbai / ESM also. It was unanimously agreed “ WE WILL SUPPORT ONLY THAT PARTY IN THE FORTH COMING ELECTIONS WHICH WILL SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS”

P Shri Kamal Sharma President of PCWA in a stunning speech told the Ex Servicemen that they are always with them. They can rely upon us for all support and help. He announced that this Hall will be given free of cost to / ESM for their meeting . His speech ended with Resounding “ JO BOLAE SO NIAHAL SAT SRI AKAL”

Lt Col (Retd) D. P. Singh,
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