Thursday, June 4, 2009

ONE RANK ONE PENSION.. letter to Secy Exservicemen Affairs

Tele Fax – 0175-5000896

Mob. 98554-09128.

Indian Ex-Services League,
(Punjab & Chandigarh.)

IESL/13/2009 Dt. 5 June 2009


Sh. S.M. Acharya,

Secretary (Ex-Servicemen Affairs) & Chairman

High Powered Committee, Ministry of Defence

Sena Bhawan, New Delhi – 11 001.

Dear Sir,

It is, indeed, heartening to note that Govt. of India has declared its intention to review and grant 'One Rank One Pension' to ex-servicemen. The league highly applauds this steps of the Govt. formed under Hon'ble Prime Minister, Sh. Manmohan Singh.

The league takes this opportunity to remind the High Powered Committee under your Chairmanship that PBORs have been done much injustice by unjustified recommendation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission in respect of soldiers and its faulty implementation by the bureaucratic channels, thereafter. As such, nothing less than Change of Pay Band for the Rank of Hav. Sub. Major and consequent changes for other ranks in PBORs will satisfy the major chunk (96%) of Armed Forces.

Govt. will do well if it, now, thinks about the travails of PBORs and give them a solacing touch since it has done much harm to them by creating an unbearable wedge and unwanted categories among the soldiers by showering partial benefits to different cadres of the soldiers.

We, further, request you to take steps towards granting two Pensions to the widows of those ex-servicemen who drew two pensions during their life time. Govt. should also evolve a policy to deploy ex-servicemen suitably up to the age of 60 years just like their civilian counterparts who serve till that age.

Yours Sincerely,


(Sgt. Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.)


Copy to: Hon'ble Defence Minister for information and necessary action, please.


(Sgt. Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.)

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