Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Views on IESL/IESM by Lt Col James Kanagaraj

Dear Brig Kamboj,

I was saddened to hear about the activity of IESL. This is really projecting a black spot on the whole ESM community. I have posted an appeal cum response to the negative attitude of IESL in a subtle manner which is given below. We need to get more members into our fold, including free mass membership drive for the the present. If our membership is about a lakh then our voice cannot be silenced by IESL.
With regards and best wishes,

James Kanagaraj

Blog Team

Veteran Voice: An Appeal
It is necessary that we Ex- Servicemen at this juncture, reduce to silence by an overwhelming vote those who so far have prevented union, and who at the same time have acted as if they had all the members in their pockets. Do not be deterred from "Governing Body" of some Unions or Leagues whose intentions by the fact that this or that majority resolution does not suit you. Such resolutions may be altered in the course of time. But the disgrace of separating here without accomplishing any results can never be blotted out; should such happen it would be equal to a crime against our cause which is the cause of the whole ESM community. But the form can be found in which minor differences of opinion can be resolved in harmony, which the striving for a higher universally acknowledged ideal, common to us all, demands.
Now friends, our sense of duty must be stronger than our self-will; our love for the cause must make us forget personal injustices we may have suffered; our entire thinking, feeling, and wishing must be consumed by enthusiasm for the work of rescue which we have to perform in common with Ex- Servicemen all over the Nation. But perhaps one or other among you may say:
“These are but words, phrases which cannot stand before the real facts as they exist.”
We need the movement to gather voice and so let us join IESM in greater numbers to silence those who seek to silence the voice of the majority. We have full faith in the leadership of Raj Kadyan. The movement has grown leaps and bounds in a short span of time. Let us therefore doubly resolve to be motivated to maintain the momentum. We have miles to go before we achieve our goals!

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