Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weightage to Calculate Qual service for Pension by wg Cdr CK sharma

From: CK Sharma
Subject: Weightage to Calculate Qualifying Service for Pension
Date: Monday, 8 June, 2009, 3:14 PM

Since I have raised this question of a few of you earlier in the day, I have, since then been able to since locate the authority for the "Weightage" years permissible for each rank for calculation of qualifying service for pension.

The file is attached for your ready reference.

Warm Regards!

CK Sharma
(Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Member IESM Steering Committee)
Qualifying Service for Pension
The minimum period of qualifying service (without Weightage) for earning retiring pension shall be 20 years (15 years in the case of late entrants).
Actual qualifying service rendered by the officer plus a weightage (in years) appropriate to the last rank held as indicated below subject to total qualifying service including weightage not exceeding 33 Years.
A fraction of a year equal to 3 months and above but less than 6 months shall be treated as a completed ½ year. Similarly, nine months or more but less than one year shall be treated as a competed one year and reckoned as qualifying service.
This shall, however, not be applicable for completing minimum qualifying service for pensionary award.

Periods of Service Qualifying Service for Pension
Service as a permanent regular Commissioned Officer
Service rendered before attaining the age of 17 years.
Embodied or called out service as an officer of TA or Auxiliary Air Force subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
Service in the rank if followed by permanent regular Commissioned service without a break subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
All leave including study leave with pay.
Period of suspension from duty when the officer is not brought on trial or court martial with result favour-able to the officer.
Service under an Office /Department/Ministry of the Central or State Government.
Any period of Civil service under Central or State Government. if followed by military service subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
Service rendered in the autonomous bodies
The period of ante-date of commission and the period of Secondment subject to the following maxima:-
1. Ante-date of commission –18 months
2. Secondment -12 months
3. when both ante- date and Secondment granted – 24 months
· Service rendered in aid of civil administration.

Weightage Admissible: Service Officers (Other than MNS)

Rank Weightage in Years
Lieutenant 9 years
Captain 9 Years
Major 8 Years
Lt. Col. (TS) 5 Years
Lt. Col. (S) 7 years
Colonel(TS) 7 years
Colonel 7 Years
Brigadier 5 Years
Major General 3 Years
Lt. General 3 Years
Chief of the Army Staff 3 Years

Weightage Admissible : MNS officers

Rank Weightage in Years
Captain 7 Years
Major 6Years
Lt. Colonel 5 Years
Colonel 5 Years
Brigadier 3 Years
Major General 3 Years

Weightage Admissible : ECOs/SSCO

Rank Weightage in Years
12 years and more but less than 20 years5 Years
20 years and aboveRank wise weightage as given for Service Officers (Other than MNS)

Weightage Not Admissible
Weightage is not admissible in following cases:-
· officers who retire pre-maturely for permanent absorption in public sector under takings and autonomous bodies.
· officers of the Territorial Army.
· for determining the minimum qualifying service for retiring pension.

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  1. In the light of reproduction of Govt Of INDIA sanctions by Col K JASPAL in preceeding publication (IESM dt 8.6 09),these weighatage tables (issued by subordinate depts of G O I )are redundent and stand superseeded .
    ESM only have to derive their RIGHT of full pension for 20 yrs without the clause of max 33 yrs; by enforcing the rule of LAW as given by the COUNTRY/NATION/G O I .
    Therefore AWAKE,LOOK and be assertive.Dont produce these clerical tables of anciant times.Dont misleed innocent esm.
    As a matter of LOGIC and LAW the variable weightages ranging from 13 yrs to 3 yrs for same Military service is mockery of justice .
    Therefore dump those tables reproduced by you and dont publicise any more.