Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Major Mistake-PCDA Cicular No412-Revision of LtCol Pension-will cause confusion


There is, I feel a major mistake at para 2 of PCDA Circular No.412 dated 26-05-2009 titled "Most Important Circular" regarding revision of pension for Lt. Cols and eq ranks in the Navy and IAF, attached herewith.

Para 2 goes on to say ..."in respect of Lt. Cols (Substantive) and Lt. Cols(Time Scale).....".Amount of Pension so far has not been fixed on the basis of "substantive" or "acting" rank. It varied based on whether one is promoted as"select" or "timescale" and also on the basis of number of years of "qualifying service".

This is an inadvertent, perhaps typographical error or error committed by a typist trying to expand the letter "S". But is likely to cause major problems when PDAs while fixing individual pensions/arrears try to decipher the term"Substantive".

Could IESM take it up with the govt/PCDA ?

Shashank Bendre

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