Monday, June 15, 2009

Views by Lt Col Inderjit singh at IESL meet on 15 Jun 2009


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Dear Friend,

I suddenly got a call from Brig. R. K. Gulia for attending a meeting at the IESL Headquarter on 15 June 2009 at 1130hrs. He said that was the meeting of the Committee appointed by the MOD for ex-servicemen. Incidentally this Committee is the result of our efforts about which the Honble Raksha Mantri ji confirmed to me through his DO letter dated 16 Feb. 2009. I went there as I am always prepared to go and help the cause of ex-servicemen.

2. I went their and to my horror I found it was his own meeting in which he had invited some people to spread falsehood about achievements of his IESL. Basically these were points which the whole world acknowledges that these materialized only through our efforts.

3. If that was not bad enough, they came out with a paper produced with their half-baked knowledge which they as a Committee were going to present to the Government. This paper had been produced, as per their assertion, by incorporating views of all Organizations except our Association. The Association which has transformed the Govt thinking over the past 30 years and got you many things was not considered necessary for consideration.

4. Obliviously without our inputs they have produced a disastrous paper which would nullify all our efforts to bring the Govt to do the needful. While we struggle to get you your dues the IESL colludes with vested interests to scuttle our submissions and curry for personal gains. This exercise to bridge the gap is merely to scuttle OROP by working out a half-backed solution. When we then go to the Govt we will be confronted by their recommendations which would obviously have come from a representative ex-servicemen body. I appeal to you all to kindly reject it and tell them to pack up.

5. We have got a paper ready which will be presented to the powers that be and not to the self-styled representatives of the ex-servicemen. This paper I had brought with me to give to the Committee. When I found it was an IESL tamasha. I brought it back as with them it was waste of time and energy.

6. You are all invited to come and take part in this gigantic exercise. Read on our papers one by one and then come and join for signing. We will send this jointly to the authorities.

With warm wishes,


Lt Col Inderjit Singh (Retd)

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