Thursday, June 18, 2009

PB4 ...weightage in built in the Table..???Pls check

Dear All,

Doubts clarified for many PB4 people as below:

Lot of Cdr /Lt Cols/Wgcdrs are adding 7 yrs to their service and then looking at the table....but it seems the table already has taken that into below is an officer with 22.5 yrs and after adding weightage = 29.5 yrs and he would have got 25700 basic .....but that is not the case.....or may be this branch has not done it......can any one else confirm that this is correct or wrong assumption..


Cdr Sharan


Dear Sharan,


I had chased the bank with the GOI letter and they have already paid my 40% arrears on 16th June.Syndicate Bank Karol Bagh branch.

In my case 40% arrears upto sep08 came to Rs 1.03L after subtracting amount previously paid, I left after 22.5 Yrs.

In your case

Basic pension is Rs21807 ,it will come to approx the same.

Tax etc will depend on your tax savings investment under sec80C.

My bank paid 40% arrears upto sep08 and full arrears from sep08 to may 09.
Approx Rs 2.0 Lakhs

Cheers enjoy!!!!!


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