Monday, June 15, 2009

Continuing Momentum By Cdr R Pathak

Ravindra Pathak
dateMon, Jun 15, 2009 at 12:38 AM
Continued Momentum

Dear Sir

Kindly refer to mails below exchanged between Air Cmde Raghubir Singh
and Lt Gen KS Rao.

We need to stand united and as far as the education field is concerned
why can't we have just Defence institutes rather that Navy Army or
Air force Institute of XYZ with reservations for Children of the
respective service.

I feel that the pattern of all institutes should be changed firstly by
changing the name to Defence institutes,make these institutes
affordable (by running them no profit no loss basis),put in place
reservations for PBOR and officers based on relative strength ratio
for serving and veterans and PBOR/Officers.This will create a wealth
of goodwill and we shall pay back to the nation our dues.Compulsion to
join Armed Forces may or may not be applied.

We also need to actively persue improvement of ECHS scheme to make it
more viable/less cumbursum and patient friendly.A seperate cell can
look into this and persue it with the same vigour as OROP which is in
any case now a certainity by one name or the other.This single action
results will bring the PBOR to our fold.To this end we must start work
immediately.I have a person who has some interesting views on this and
those i shall them forward soon.
We can also start gathering information on possible avenues of
continued employment in house till 60 years and a cell can start
writing up the draft proposal for the Government.

I hope we get started soon as a true fereration so that a really
collective effort goes in and we actually get something off the

IESM initiative in this regard with the OROP case is most luadable and
must congratulate the core group on taking this progressive step in
the direction of unity.


R W Pathak

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