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List of Achievements (in brief) by Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, (Regd) Mohali, NGO, Till 31 May 09

List of Achievements (in brief) by Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, (Regd) Mohali, NGO, Till 31 May 09

We, (with 1550+ Members), are selflessly serving at our own cost & risk, to safe Guard Interests & Welfare of Ex- Servicemen Community, for them to live with dignity. We have created an impact, brought a check on anti ESM attitudes people, got encouraging support from media, Service HQrs, Govt & Public in settling ESM Grievances & genuine problems. We devote every Saturday for ESM cause/ issues and have got remarkable achievements, like: -

1. 122+ ESM Sailors/ Widow with 14 Yrs service, got full Pension by condoning upto 12 months Service shortfall from Naval HQ/ MOD. Above ESM got 25-30 yrs back dated Pensions & arrears, due to this revised Naval HQ policy.

2. 3 Handicapped ESM got wheel chairs, free of cost from Red Cross/ DC Ropar, in Feb 03 & by AIATF in Aug 07.

3. 8 ESM got JBT/ ETT Teacher’s Job in Pb after 3 Civil Writ Petitions. Few more cases are in progress.

4. Struggling to Implement 13% ESM job’s drying Quota, reduced to less than 1.5%, due to poor mngt & neglect. ESM Resettlement is negligible. Banks, take ESM only on contract jobs & Security agencies also exploited ESM.

5. Took up ESM Definition, corruption, ill treating & anti ESM cases and to step up Sainik Welfare Board’s support.

6. Took up 5 cases of 1965 & 71 War Widows/ wards & Op Casualties for compensation, land & other entitlements.

7. 1962 War Widow Mohinder Kaur of Vill Sil- Kharar’s, 30 & 50 canals land missing case is under active progress.

8. Helping 1965 War Blind ESM Spr Kaka Singh for his 10 acres missing land. He got Brail Watch from an NGO.

9. N/ Sub Parampal Singh & 4 Other Ranks were sent back on Army duty/ Job, after cases in 2003, 07 & 08.

10. Disability Pension, Out of 56 cases processed, 28 got DP, 11 rejected & 8 cases are still under active progress.

11. Family Pension, out of 39 cases processed, 27 got FP, with kind help of MOD, AHQ, Records & PCDA (P).

12. Flats for 3 War Widows & Plots allotment to 5 ESM/ Widows applied 25 yrs back, in UT Chd, in progress.

13. NK GS Tung (AOC) of Ludhiana got 240 days leave encashment after rules amendment & also got due Dis Pen.

14. Widow of late Maj RS Kaushal got belated dues from CDA and Rs 50,000 & house documents back from PUDA.

15. ESM Sadhu Ram died in Police custody at Kharar, pension less widow got Rs 43000/- Fin help, after intervention.

16. Assisted 850+ veterans in making their Senior Citizens Cards from DC Ropar and SDM Mohali Office.

17. Helped Sgt CS Saini & other ESM to get justice and 33 Jobs Vacancies in Pb State Warehouse Corpn.

18. High lighted ESM Job monitoring cell in various depts & brought some check on anti ESM attitudes & activities.

19. 2 ESM’s cases of Harassment by Civil were settled through Pb State Human Rights Commission in 2004 & 06.

20. To Protect Defence Persons Property & to amend Rent Control Act for ESM, case in progress with Pb & MOD.

21. PBORs can also get Car through CSD Canteen now. This NGO fought case for 5-6 years with AHQ & MOD.

22. Case for CSD Depot/ AFD items dealer at Mohali and to equate ESM liquor Quota with Serving Soldiers, is on.

23. Case with EC of India to issue Multipurpose National Voter’s/ Identity card, to meet today’s security problems.

24. CM-Pb kindly made Mohali a Distt HQ wef 14/4/06 & given judiciary system after 5 year’s struggle by this NGO.

25. Pursuing cases also for proper ZSB, ECHS Polyclinic, Multipurpose Bldg, DPDO & Defence Colony in Mohali.

26. 3 out of 5 got Medical reimbursement claims, of cases processed with Kendrya Sainik Board New Delhi.

27. Case with MOD/ AHQ to update Directory on Equation of Service Trades with Civil Trades for Jobs, since 7 yrs.

28. Managed working of ZSB Ropar in Mohali also, for 1-2 days in a week from last 6-7 yrs, proved very fruitful to ESM.

29. CGDA/ CDA have computerized Family Pension records & to release Commuted Value of Pension, automatically.

30. 5 Veterans of WW-II & widows, cases were prog through IESL Delhi for Pen & fin Asst, output is still awaited.

31. 11 cases prog for Fin Asst from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF) via ZSB Mohali & 3 got amount.

32. Pursuing Case of Maj JS Malik & 53 Prisoners of 65 &71 Wars in Pakistan jails, with Pb/ Union Govts for release.

33. Ex Maj Gurdit Singh (92) Court Martialled by British in 1946, gets Freedom Fighter’s pension but via High Court.

34. Sub Joginder Singh (Ludhiana) & Widow of Maj Ram Singh (Kharar) got their land back, by our cases with Police.

35. Helping Widow of Col Bhupinder Singh (Patiala) in getting control of entry path to her land in Mansa, since 2 yrs.

36. CM-Pb, had nominated Lt Col S S Sohi (Retd), as Member of Pb Distt Planning & Devp Board Ropar in 2003.

37. So, ITI (Girls) Ph-5 Mohali got 1.5 lakh grants from Distt Planning Board; case was projected through this NGO.

38. Mutually settled complicated Divorce case of 2 ESM (Sgt CS Saini’s) wards, with Police Women Cell’s help.

39. 21 ESM documents progressed through ZSBs for changes/ Pt II order & Nk Rulia Ram got missing Discharge Book.

40. AHQ has kindly abolished post of MAP wef Sep 05, who use to reduce/ reject ESM’s Dis Pen after spl Med Board.

41. CM-Pb kindly granted Annuity & Grant’s amount to WW-II Gallantry Awardee Hav Harcharan Singh of Kharar.

42. Capt BR Jindal died in 1972, on C/Leave, case for Pensionery benefits to parents got accepted by AHQ in 2006.

43. Struggling for OROP, improve Dis & Fly Pen & ESM resettlement rules and service terms & conditions.

44. Separate Pay Commission for Defence Forces: 22 reasons/ neglected of tough & risky service conditions.

45. Case for Def Rep in 6th CPC democratically being 1/3rd of Central Govt Employees & to express our problems.

46. Widow of Lt Col SS Samra (Chandigarh) got Family Pension in Apr 07, back dated along with last 20 yrs arrears.

47. Got Family Pension to Handicapped NOK Miss Sukhwinder Kaur (44) d/o of late Capt SS Bal of Mohali, in 2006.

48. Donated Rs 11, 000/- ESM contributions to PM’s National Relief Fund, for rehabilitation of Tsunami victims.

49. 5 cases for Pro-rata pension after 10 Yrs service and to improve upon OP Casualty rates for compensation.

50. Case for Defence Bank of India & settled Banking problems of 23 ESM under Banks Ombudsman RBI Chd.

51. Extortion & Harassment to Martyr’s mother Fatima by ex Sarpanch of Vill Dahlize (Sangrur) case high lighted.

52. Fly Pen to NOK of Missing Hav Amarjit Singh(3 yrs) of Moga & in prog.

53. 1984 Riots victim compensation case of Sub Pritam Singh (of Banur) in progress with Pb Govt & Dir SW Pb.

54. Sep Mehnga Singh (76) got ESM status after 54 Yrs, pursuing his case for a Plot allotment & Fin Asst from RMDF.

55. Distributed Sewing Machines to needy 16 Defence Widows on 17/2/07 & assisted their wards for jobs.

56. Parents of deceased soldiers also deserve terminal benefits/ Fly Pen. 3 cases rejected & still in progress.

57. Progressing 7 ESM Quota Tube well connections cases. ESM waiting list held up by new Pb Govt Policy.

58. Handicapped ESM Sukhpal Singh is still daily wager after 14 yrs service. Court orders to Pb PH/ Water works dept.

59. ESM Sep Harjinder Singh recommended for State Bravery Award for saving drowning young lady, risking his life.

60. Mohali City got Kendrya Vidyalya after our 4 year’s struggle with Pb Govt, KV Sangathan & other authorities.

61. Helping Palwinder Kaur (Fatehgarh sahib) struggling for Fly Pen of missing/ dead husband since last 19 yrs.

62. Fly Pen case of Miss Savita (60) d/o Col Sodhi, in progress to get her back dated FP & arrears wef 26/9/98.

63. Provided Fin Asst to Widows Palwinder Kaur & Vergese Thomas Rs 1000 each and also to Sep Mehnga Singh.

64. Provided affordable legal/ gen asst to a large number of ESM & Defence Widows where required.

64. Played significant role in org protests for OROP & ESM problems/ value in Tricity & Delhi, as Coord IESM Pb.

65. FORTIs Hospital Mohali waived off Rs 2.57 lakh Medical Expenses of late Wt Offr Baldev Raj (IAF) of Ambala to his family and also promised to refund 1.10 lakh more later on.

67. As Patron Consumer Protection Forum (Regd) Mohali, playing active role for services to Mohali ESM/ citizens.

To: All Concerned. (Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd). President,

(May we help you sir, please)? Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, (Regd).

HO.1121/ 71 Mohali. M: 09815107744

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