Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NFDC OROP by Vice Admiral Harinder Singh

Dear Members,

1. We have kept you briefed on the progress with our quest for OROP and in our last communication informed you of the inclusion of our demand in the President address to the Parliament.

2. After some discussion, all the major orgs fighting for OROP mutually decided to pool their resources and forward a single consolidated paper for consideration by the CabSecs Committee. This was co-ordinated by the IESL
and we agreed to be one of the members and RAdm Sushil Ramsay was nominated as our representative on this committee. One of the other major issues was to safeguard the rights of the PBOR, who must come first, before us, as per our ethos and this was always kept in mind.

3. The committee received and looked into a large number of proposals that had been received by various orgs. RAdm Ramsay generally co-ordinated the examination of the proposal and has in fact in due course prepared the
paper, presented the same before the entire committee and the Presidents of the participating Organisations. There were generous contributions by MajGen Radhakrsinan and some others. The final Presentation was very well
attended and more importantly generated very constructive and meaningful discussions. All constructive and rational suggestions were thereafter incorporated in the final proposal.

4. The three Tables agreed to, are quite explicit to indicate the basis for formulation of our projections which were finalised with a view to arrive at a consensus. In addition we have included request for resolution of another anomaly for the pre 01 Jan 2006 Pensioners relating to Disability
Pension/War Injury Pension/Special Family Pension/Liberalised Family Pension/Dependent Pension(Special), etc, which have emerged out of recent
GOI notifications of 04 and 05 May 2006.

5. At the conclusion of the deliberations it was agreed to forward the attached proposal to the GOI for consideration. It may be added that the service headquarters were also requested and have forwarded a proposal. We feel that our proposal is somewhat better than the one forwarded by them and we all owe thanks to RAdm S Ramsay for the remendous amount of effort put in and a job well done.

6. I , may conclude by saying that it is a very difficult task to
synthesise and harmonise the views and aspirations of a large number of the Veterans of various vintages, issues and differently impacted by various Pay Commissions. We have arrived at an agreed consensus and that should be
accepted as the most viable solution. Am sure, there will be some who will take issue but it is a corporate decision and is best left at that. We have, as a major milestone, managed consensus amongst all the major stakeholders and that's good too.

Recommended Pension Tables


Vice Admiral Harinder Singh (Retd)
President , NFDC
C 26, Sector 23, Noida 201301
Tel 0120-2412412, 9811668776

Positive Aspects

The existing wide Pension Disparity between a Sepoy and Lt Gen has been bridged to the right ratio of 3:10. The Government needs to accept the recommendations without creating anomalies or riders to the recommendations.



Rank 2
Minimum Pay 3
Maximum Pay 4
Notional Pay 5
Pension rounded off to multiple of Rs 10.00 6
Qualifying service in years for pension as per Column 5 7
Weightage in years
Sepoy 12240 25600 18920 13244/13250@ 20 13
Naik 12850 26000 19425 13597/13600@ 22 11
Havaldar 13920 26400 20160 14112/14120@ 24 9
Nb Subedar 18340 42400 30370 15185/15190# 28 5
Subedar 20560 42800 31680 15840# 28 5
Subedar Major 21690 43000 32345 16173/16180# 28 5


Rank 2
Minimum Pay 3
Maximum Pay 4
Notional Pay 5
Pension rounded off to multiple of Rs 10.00 6
Qualifying service in years for pension as per Column 5 7
Weightage in years
Sepoy 10250 24200 17225 12057/12060@ 20 13
Naik 11040 24600 17820 12474/12480@ 22 11
Havaldar 11640 25000 18320 12824/12830@ 24 9
Nb Subedar 16660 41000 28830 14415/14420# 28 5
Subedar 18880 41400 30140 15070# 28 5
Subedar Major 19360 41600 30480 15240# 28 5

Notes for Tables 1 & 2: @ - 70% of notional pay. # - 50% of notional pay. (In this regard please refer to Additional Recommendations placed at Para 8 below).


Rank 2
Minimum Pay as per SAI/02/2008 3
Maximum Pay as per respective Pay Band 4
Notional Pay 5
Pension @ 50% of Notional pay rounded off to multiple of Rs 10.00 6
Qualifying service in years for pension as per Column 5 7
Weightage in years
Lt 27000 50500 38750 19375/19380 24 9
Capt 30700 51200 40950 20475/20480 24 9
Major 36410 51700 44055 22028/22030 24 9
Lt Col (S) 52530 81000 66765 33383/33390 26 7
Lt Col(TS) 52530 81000 66765 33383/33390 28 5
Col 55590 81700 68645 34323/34330 26 7
Brigadier 58290 81900 70095 35048/35050 28 5
Major General 62050 & 77000+6000 * 72525 36263/36270 30 3
Lt General 69850 79000+6000 * 77425 38713/38720 30 3

Notes: & - For Major Generals, minimum pay as per fitment table corresponding to Rs 19400.00, in the pre-revised scale of Rs 18400.00-22400.00, has been used in the Table 3 as minimum pay of a Brigadier was Rs 19100.00. * - Notional MSP of Rs 6000.00 has been added to avoid anomaly in the future.

6. While researching the best possible solution, due reliance was placed on the precedence of ‘Rank Based Pension (OROP)’, which existed in the early 1960s, or before, in fine-tuning/working out the projections made in Para 5 above in respect of both PBOR and Officer rank pensioners.

Disability Pension/ War Injury Pension/ Special Family Pension

7. Last but not the least it is observed in the latest GoI, MoD notifications No. 16(6) /2008(1) /D(Pension/Policy) dated 04 May 2009 and 16(6)/2008(2)/D(Pension/Policy) dated 05 May 2009 on disability pension/ war injury Pension/Special family Pension /Liberalised family Pension/Dependent Pension(Special)/Dependent Pension (Liberalised) /Special Pension / Pension for Armed Forces Officers and Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) retired/discharged/died/invalided out from service prior to 01. 01. 2006 and after 01. 01 2006, has created disparity between the two categories of pensioners. In the case of post 01. 01. 2006 pensioners, Disability Pension has been revised/enhanced in percentage terms of the pay and based on the gravity/element of disability, whereas in case of pre 01. 01. 2006 pensioners the gravity/element of disability has been determined on the fixed slabs basis. This runs contrary to the basic tenets of natural justice and leads to discrimination, it is recommended that the revision in respect of pre 01. 01. 2006 to be also enhanced in percentage term of the revised pay scales and thereafter, quantum related to pension.

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  1. The tables negate everything that has been glaringly published by ESM.
    Very poor quality work . It is a clerical and arithmatical copy .The fundamental issues of parity have not been addressed.