Sunday, June 21, 2009

ESM mercilessly beaten up for honestly discharging his duties

Dear Col. Khera,
It was in deed distressing to note the state of affairs prevailing in Punjab. Today's morning paper has given a shock to ex-services community and every one who feels the pinch of it should come forward to contribute his might to set the things right for the ESMs. We, on our part, have faxed the details of this case to the concerned quarters for appropriate action to get the justice for the victim, Maj. G.S. Benipal. We will also response the call given by any well wisher of ESMs, as and when required. We, through this message request Big Brothers also who are, presently, free from OROP exercise to take notice of this case and do the needful as requered. Copy of our communique is as under:

IESL/13/2009 Dated 20 June, 2009
Secretary to Govt. of India,
Deptt. of Home,
New Delhi – 110011.
Dear Sir,
We draw your attention to the news item appeared in 'Tribune' and 'Ajit', both dt. 20-06-2009. Copies enclosed for your perusal.
It requires no words to express the chaos prevailing in Punjab where even the Govt. officer is not safe while performing his duty sincerely. The victim of such apathy in this case is Maj. G.S. Benipal (Red) re-employed as Naib Tehsildar and functioning as Sub-Registrar at Ludhiana. He has been beaten mercilessly with rods and hockey sticks by, so called, SAD workers in his office because Maj. G.S. Benipal was a whistle blower in a stamp paper scam and the said workers were mostly involved in that scam. It is confirmed by the victim that he has already intimated earlier to Deputy Commissioner and the Police about threats to his life from the said persons but no action was taken so far.
As such, we request a High Level enquiry by CBI and an appropriate action to be taken against the accused persons.
We shall be much obliged.
(Sgt. Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.)
1. Secretary to Govt. of India Ministry of Defence, Sena Bhawan, South Block, New Delhi with request to take necessary steps to get the justice done to Maj. G.S. Benipal (Retd.).
2. Hon'ble Governor, Punjab, with request to look in to the case, personally, and accord justice to the victim of this case Maj. G.S. Benipal (Retd.).
3. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab, Punjab, Chandigarh for appropriate action in the case.
Sgt Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd)

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