Monday, June 1, 2009

Mohali grievnce cell mohali by Col SS Sohi

Mohali Grievance Cell set up by Col SS Sohi doing wonders for ESM Welfare
Achievements by Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, Mohali

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Monday, June 1, 2009
DGR: Is it welfare oriented?
Dear Veterans,
I have been informed by Gen Kadyan that the case of Capt AK Singh has been taken care of. However, such news are disturbing. We in the Armed Forces have mastered one trait- cutting our own feet. We also like to grope in the dark. What we need is some concrete steps. At the outset, we as a community should develop a sorority and alliance. We should learn to fraternise and hold each other's hand and express our concern. If there is any black sheep we should form an alliance to shun it.
As of today, the biggest issue is of resettlement of ESM. The biggest farce is DGR where corruption is at its peak. I suggest IESM to take up this matter with MoD and ensure transparency in the system.
Two glaring irregularities introduced by DGR are:

Entrance Test for Security Agency. Does it mean that Armed Forces Officers are not fit for running a security agency when any Tom, Dick & Harry in the civil street starts one on his own?

Job Placement. Why should DGR forward names? Let it be an open call. They should only advertise and let ESM know of various openings. Is it a way to mint money by DGR officers? It is an open secret now. Only a handful of corrupt officers know this ball game and making hay while sun shines. Some middlemen, in connivance with DGR have flourished. I know a few.
I can give you concrete irregularity proof happening in CG with DGR support. Can IESM take up such issue? Somehow ESM are getting to feel that IESM is only working towards OROP. We must deviate and include some more welfare activity in our agenda. We will have more ESM joining in near future.
Jai Hind
Col Siddhartha Bose
State Convener IESM

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