Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IESM: Let us be prudent in our observations by Brig CS Kamboj

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
Ms Barkha Dutt, daughter of a Defence Service Officer, is like our own daughter. We have seen her bloom from the days of Kargil War. Without saying so, she has undoubtedly demonstrated it many times that Defence personnel, serving and retired and their families have a very special place in her heart. Majority of Defence Services personnel, serving and retired, and their families, and majority of NDTV viewers in India and abroad adore and respect her.
Now read and re-read the email below received from Ms Barkha Dutt. Feel the deep hurt we have caused her. Are we being fair to Ms Barkha Dutt– our own daughter?
Those of you who still feel that the NDTV show on OROP, organised (telecast) with so much pains by Barkha, on 12 Sep 10, was not good – are over estimating their own capabilities. Please come down to mother earth – or accept the challenge and produce something better.
‘i’ appeal to YOU ALL, to kindly stop sending those rude emails to Ms Barkha Dutt– The Beloved Daughter of All Defence Personnel.
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Copy to Ms Barkha Dutt
Dear Barkha,
‘i’ suggest you should forgive and forget those who are sending those rude emails to you. ‘i’ feel they neither know their own capabilities nor depth of your love for Defence Services. May God also forgive them for their follies.
With very fond regards and wishing you further grand success in every task you undertake.
God be with you.
Chander Kamboj

From: Barkha Dutt [mailto:Barkha@ndtv.com]
Sent: 16 September 2010 01:20
With all due respect, the levels of cynicism in this group.. are truly outstanding. A tv show may never meet the exact specifications of everyone who has a view on the subject... but .. the team did the best job it could to highlight a crucial national issue.
Im extremly disappointed now to ... be at the receiving end.. of mails that question our intentions.. and look for conspiracy theories... ?

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