Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way Ahead by Veteran Nawab Heer from Punjab

Dear All,

On behalf of all ESM organisations and IESM we all congratulate Capt Sidhu,Gen Raj Kadyan,Gen Oberoi,Commander Bhasker ,Malvendra Singh and MP Chander Shekhar.
They have done a wonderful job.

We were working behind the scene for the last few days with CNBC through Bharkha Datt.More than Veterasn who participated we are also proud of Cantonment Kids(CK,s)i.e. MP Chander Shekhar,Malvendra Singh and Barkha Datt.

Now we are nearing it.We are providing common brief on behalf of all ESM,s of Punjab to Punjab MP,s.We will request all other states to do so.We are convinced that during next session of Parliament there will be a debate on OROP.we must all now work on our MP,s.General Satbir informed me that they have already contacted 35 MP,s in Delhi we need to contact all 542.

I being coordinator of ESM,s of Punjab having been given powers to "Declare HUKA PANI BAND" of any ESM working against cause of ESM,today having been convinced that Capt Parveen Davar EX Deccan Horse need to be declared as 'Jai Chand Of ESM".So any ESM dealing with him will be annoying all ESM community.I will request all to boycott Capt Davar from all social get together in Delhi and elsewhere for his stance totally against ESM. He is socially boycotted till he renders apology to all ESM of India.

One lesson which emerges out of the debate that rather than depending on only emotions and sentiments we need to find real answers for two questions.One,legality part of OROP.Two,an analogy given by professor that over a period of time differences in pension likely to appear between son and father retiring in same rank.Please do not start shooting me;I am suggesting we must have real time answers.Somehow I felt that our Generals although gave very good points ,but were not that prepared for the few points raised by the enemy camp.In future we have to be prepared.For the debate in parliament we need some well read and informed Generals like Gen R and few others irrespective of ranks.

CK,s are our HR for future ventures.With all respect to Barkha,it seemed that she was also biased against us,unless it is my tainted mind.MP Chnader Shekhar and Capt Sidhu carried the day.

Request to all ESM. reinforce success by holding all types of protests including Candle Laight Vigil throught India.Nothing goes un-noticed.Please unite irrespective IESM/IESL or any other ESM org.Rise above party lines,my request to friend davar also


Veteran Nawab

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