Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV ..Views by Maj Gen VK Khanna

From: Vinod K Khanna [mailto:vinodkhanna.vinod@gmail.com]
Sent: 14 September 2010 02:26
To: Kamboj Chander
Cc: C S Kamboj; Kamboj Chander
Subject: OROP Program on NDTV

Dear Chander

Watched NDTV program with interest. Overall it off well but I am sharing a few points that came to my mind to make our case more effective for future. Here I would like to point out the contrarian views expressed by Prof Shah et al.

Some of the points raised by them are as follows:

A younger person would always earn more than an older person
(We should not labour on this point any more. This is the only sensible sentence spoken by Professor Shaw during the entire show. It was a very unwise question raised by some one – without thinking of the reply he would get; lacked forethought – person deserved this reply.

Professor spoke like a robot programmed by IAS, with no heart and no brain of his own. The programmer of the Robot does not know the difference between Fire Brigade and Army. What a shame. – Chander Kamboj)

Armed forces personnel signed a contract before joining service on a voluntary basis. They are governed by that contract and now cannot claim any special privilege due to risk factor.

There is nothing extraordinary about army risk since many other services like fire fighting personnel also face risks

Government is fully honoring the 6 CPC formula for fixation of pensions. If retired secretaries get 50 % of pay as pension, that is because they are on a fixed pay

Though government is committed to a separate pay commission for the services, you have to wait another nine years for it take effect (six years before it is convened and another three for its implementation)

There is no legal obligation of government to grant OROP

OROP would be disastrous for government finances since others would also demand it

There is nothing unique about armed forces as they are just one category of government servants

The present UPA government has done more for the services that any previous administration

I feel we should put our heads together and find suitable answers to these and many other questions that may be raised as also as to why OROP should only be for the services.

I am afraid emotional arguments would have limited utility and not carry much weight with so called neutral audiences

Kind regards
Maj Gen Vinod K Khanna

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