Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV...Views by Cdr PP Batra from USA

From: prem parkash batra [mailto:premprempb@rediffmail.com]
Sent: 14 September 2010 14:11
To: rajkadyan@yahoo.com

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan/IESM

Dear Sir,

1. I would like to say that your assessment of NDTV discussions on OROP is conservatively near realism. And that makes you more determined to pursue single mindedly the IESM aim.

2. However please permit to speak on one point about the paramouncy of honour in Armed Forces which has cropped up in Emails. I have no legal background what so ever but in my two hours of thumping through the pages of our Constitution, I was surprised to see that only few linesare devoted to Armed Forces and that too partly to abridge our fundamental rights. But I do not recall word honour embedded there. But what the Fundamental Rights included is for Indian to live with-Dignity. Which if roughly translated would mean "IZZAT" and which we use very frequently in our defence parlance.

But Armed Forces fight for honour of the Country but they are not expected to fight for their honour.

3. If that be so then what ESM are asking is--IZZAN-MAAN-SMAAN- which
is our fundamental right and cannot be abridged.

You may like to look into. There are many legal luminaries in ESM ranks
who can throw better light.

4. Lastly please permit me again to suggest that Office Bearers of IESM
may like to acquire an official copy of Constitution and keep within reach. And no harm in leafing through. No harm in having legal sense because IESM has to take care of that front too.

With best regards,

Cdr Prem P Batra Retired.

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