Monday, September 13, 2010

NDTV Views by Lt Gen Vinay Shankar

Sent: 12 September 2010 11:19
To: Kamboj Chander
Subject: RE: OROP PROGRAMME ON NDTV 24X7, SUNDAY 12 SEP AT 2000 HRS - "REPORT MY SIGNAL" - EMAIL 437/2010 - (H to Z-2) - 11 SEP 2010 (USA CT)
Dear Chander,
After listening to "We the People" this evening two brief points that our movement could make as the struggle continues.
First every direct entry IAS and IPS officer goes home as secretary to GOI or equivalent. If he or she does not get the rank at the center they get it in their respective states. We all know the number of DGs and principle secretaries that each has. A little research may establish that this is true for even Defense accounts and for that matter all other Class 1 services. The exceptions could be only those who enter service at ages beyond 26 years or thereabouts. An RTI could prove my point. And this also explains why only the defense services are agitating.

Second is the uniqueness of our service ( a point adequately emphasized). Everyone else is a mister or Mrs during service and after retirement. The defense services have been given the privilege to carry their rank till the last post is blown and after. So comparisons should be avoided.

A big hand to all those who spoke on our behalf.

Warm regards
Vinay (Lt Gen Vinay Shankar, Former DG Arty)

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