Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV ...Views by Brig CS Kamboj

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
It is very heartening to see that very large number of members have responded and emailed their views.
Excepting a few emails, I am reproducing all the emails, received so far, giving views of ESM on the programme on NDTV.

I apologise to the members whose emails are not included here. The reasons for not including those emails are as under –

1. Some emails received are long trailing emails – having 8 to 10 emails – one below the other.
I am sorry I do not have the patience to handle such long trailing emails.

2. The cryptic one-liner emails have also been left out.

3. While it is true that we all would have liked to see more ESM issues being covered – but please appreciate that the ESM attending the NDTV show did not have control over it. Also that many things covered were edited out. (I will give the information of edited out later).
Therefore, some of you totally condemning the programme and the ESM participants – I think have been most unfair to those who worked so hard to prepare. And I challenge those who have condemned the speakers out right – they could not have done any better. It is very easy to sit outside and comment.

As rude emails would have hurt the feelings of those who worked hard and took part in the programme, such emails are not being circulated by "REPORT MY SIGNAL" . I once again apologise to the authors of such emails.

4. Some of these rude emails did have a few valid points, which in any case have reached all concerned.

An extract from the emails not included here, is reproduced below, which will give you some indication of the editing –

One of the Remarks from A Core Group Member in an email.
The only one thing we could have additionally done to 'Shut Up' Indu Liberhan when she said that OROP is 'Illegal' is to have asked her –
1. If Illegal, why have Parliamentary Committees on Defence been repeatedly 'R' (recommended) OROP ?
2. If illegal then why are judges of SC & HC ( the so called custodians of justice) themselves taking OROP ?
Response By Lt Gen Kadyan by email.
It indeed was said, but was edited (and not telecast).

Almost all the emails below have highly appreciated the programme on NDTV.
So let us all cheer up and congratulate the participants of the programme.


In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

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  1. Dear Kamboj,

    I am recently retired from the Army service. With little knowledge on the issue I socked we are not working under the one roof and seperately devided into various groups like Ex-servicemen legque and other ex-servicemen association seperately AF and navy association, viewed not achieve any goal with effective tool. Even though the facilities provide by the DGR and Rajaya Sanik Board will not effectively function and to control over the Zila Sainik board and ensuring the smooth function of Zila Sanik Board. ie own my personel experience a person visited twice or trice time to get the Iden card. Inspite of this own seeing the condition of the office there is no waiting hall for widow's for seating and brief her problem in term, so that she feels that the organisation is with him, at all times maintained. Moreover now we are introducing our's self in the globisation the world and claiming to face the new challenge of the world but in practical our working system is very sub-standard. Till the time the system of our iden card is very old, whereas Govt of India expended crore of rupees for the welfare of ex-servicemen. Thus cause a root of cruption staring from DGR, Rajya Sainik board and remaining end of Zila Sainik board, Thus after 65 year of independent we are remain stand prior to indep.