Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ladakh Renewal Project - Community Centre.

Dear Col Chaturvedi

I am attaching 4posters that will give you some background on our effort and a thumbnail note entitled 'The Clouds Silver Lining' that outlines the measurable energy we need in the form of money to put up a Ladakh Renewal Project - Community Centre.
The Clouds Silver Lining

The aftermath of a disaster presents a unique opportunity to reinvent a society in a way that it outgrows certain endemic weaknesses and even cultural limitations. Ladakh presents exactly such an opportunity and we are working on the following project as outlined for your consideration and support.

The Ladakh Renewal Project-LRP ( or 6 integrated Ideas for Sustainable change/improvement)
1. A new kind of sun baked brick for improved reconstruction. 15 Lacs

2. The healing touch as a vector of social change and a dynamic community centre.
for rebuilding an improved community. 26.5 Lacs.
3. Design for New Growth or Building Brand Ladakh. 11 Lacs
4. The spiritual spirit. Apricot products Candy, Apricot paapar (Similar to Aam paapar)
Jam and Brandy for high value returns.7.3 Lacs
5. Value added education with Career Launching. 15.5 Lacs.
6. The 1000 Poets reading for Poetree and Ladakh an event in Delhi. 25 Lacs.

Needless to say the high mountain passes close in less than 4 weeks and so time is of the essence. I am traveling with the last load to be there for the winter and I do look forward to celebrating some good news from this project with you in the spring.
Tagore said " Faith is the bird that sees the light and sings when the dawn is dark "

I am sure that you too would have sung this song in your life out turn to sing it for Ladakh pl respond as soon as you are able

With gratitude
and abiding respect

Amit Dahiyabadshah
Poet Laureate SEC-CIP G Town Philadelphia,
Founder DelhiPoetree
Member India Poetry Foundation
Team Leader The Ladakh Renewal Project

9958323256, 9313120050, 9212010142

Amit Dahiyabadshah
Ground Floor, Ladakh Renewal Project, C-269, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 India.

Tsering Tashi (Of Zanskar)
Village Choglamsar,
Tashi Tongsmon Ning,
House No: 126, Leh
Pin 194101.

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