Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV ..Views by MAj Ravindran

From: Ravindran Major
Sent: 12 September 2010 11:21
To: feedback@ndtv.com
Cc: Barkha Dutt
Subject: [SoldiersForDemocracy] Rank Injustice: One Rank, One Pension

I happened to watch the program 'Rank Injustice: One Rank, One pension' on
NDTV today. I am sorry to say that it was rank injustice to conclude the
program by stating that it requires a more serious debate in Parliament. A
debate in parliament will of course be needed for anything tangible to
happen but a right conclusion to this debate itself was necesary for this
program to have acted like a catalyst for that.

That aside, the discussion did expose how illiterates about matters military
confound and confuse the issues. Firstly there was the former defence
secretary who spoke like a typical bureaucrat- ignorant and arrogant (call
it condescending, if you will) to boot! No, it is not OROP or the emotion
that goes with it that has made me use these dscreptions. If the RTI Act has
succeeded in any way till date, it has been only in exposing the fraud being
perpetuated by the bureaucracy. And I dare say, given their job description
and the competence with which they are seen doing it, the bureaucrats
deserves to be paid less than sepoys of the army! Then there was the
professor who was claiming that it was natural for the younger generation to
earn more than their predecessors! The advocate who spoke seemed to be
interested only in the court cases! (Natural there, isn't it? For, without
litigation, where will she get her moolah from? ) The youngsters who
participated in the show did look better informed and more rational in their

Now to present my take on the issue. OROP is definitely not a matter of
honour. It is just about bare minimum justice. Real justice would need not
only OROP but also lateral/re-employment till 60 years of age. On Maslow's
heirarchy of needs, it will be just amoung the basic needs. Honour comes
much higher up. One doubts whether the sycophants, court jestors et al who
overlord our systems can even imagine such needs! Capt Sidhu really did
express the frustration that has afflicted the armed forces community as a
whole, veterans in particular. Let the nation be ware! There need not be any
doubt that the idea of the nation itself is sustained by none other than the
members of the armed forces!

Yours truly

Veteran Major P M Ravindran
2/18, 'Aathria'
Tel: 0491-2576042

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