Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV..Views by Veteran Ram Gulrajani

From: Ram Gulrajani ramgulrajani@gmail.com
Sent: 13 September 2010 02:27
To: IESM Kamboj CS, Brig

Dear Brig

Barkha Dutt's programme WE THE PEOPLE on the issue of OROP telecast on 12 Sep has kindled the conscience of the people of India. I watched this programme sitting among civilian at a gathering, where most of them were youngsters (age group 20-30) and no one knew that I was a retired armyman among them.

The reactions were strong and cent percent in favour of veterans. The case of Capt Sidhu stirred up strong emotions and I could see some wet eyes among young people. The no-nonsense stand of Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekhar, MP, was very much appreciated. One cheeky girl even had the temerity to say Chandrashekhar is as handsome as he is bold and forthright.

Many who were not aware of this simmering problem of OROP were now educated. Undoubtedly there was respect for soldiers, concern for their problems and the injustice meted out them for the difficult jobs they do.

I personally missed Gen Satbir Singh, who would have confronted the anti-OROP lobby with more facts and figures. This is to wish him quick recovery with prayers for his long and healthy life. His role in this movement is matchless.

Over-all, this programme from the stables of NDTV will have an impact on the government, babus and politicians. Its the beginning. Barkha's reaction to Gen Kadyan's remark that we are holding peaceful protests, was a muted testimony of the fear every babu must be hiding that what if this kind of trained force comes down to violent agitations.

I think the message has gone to all concerned loud and clear that defence forces are not happy and something need to be done fast.

Veteran Ram Gulrajani.

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