Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WHAT WE NEED TO DO NOW by Amit Bhadhuri

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Dear Brig. Kamboj Sir,

I had the opportunities to watch the long awaited "We the People" programme 4-1/2 hours before the viewers in India.

It was a good programme and the good feelings I have on this occasion, that, NDTV certainly broke its traditions.

What made me extremely happy, that, we still have a few good MPs like Mr. Chandrasekhar. He has a dynamic and formidable personality, has a very strong conviction and an excellent communicator. He truly stands out from those many
parliamentarians, who we see regularly in the parliament behaving no better than street thugs (sadly they are mostly from certain states), bring shame to the nation and always a helpless Speaker to deal with them. Such behavior from parliamentarians is simply unthinkable even for a minute in the Western democracy or where I live. And until we fill up that gap between the east and west, we will simply stay behind.

We need to develop a good rapport with Mr. Chandrasekhar. We need to engage preferably a contact point with excellent communication skills from us to have regular contacts with him. We need to identify more such MPs and work with them. We are not in KHAKI anymore, therefore, we should be proud to expressing our political views honestly in the best interests of our country because "Nothing is above the country". We need to work and support the
Pro-nationalistic political parties, who support our causes. Then only politicians will recognize the value of Armed and Para-Military forces instead of just using them 24+7, a skilled practice of the politicians in power since 1947.

It was heartening to watch Gen. Oberoi willingness for his grandson joining the Army.

Finally, I only hope, May All Mighty offer some common sense to Prof. Shah, Mr. Davar and Mrs. Liberhan if not for IESM but for the sake of the country.

With warm regards,
Amit Bhadhuri
Former CISF Officer (settled in UK)

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