Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pragmatic Approach by Lt Col SK Parasar

From: sujitkumar parasar []
Sent: 22 September 2010 07:09
To: Kamboj Chander
Subject: Pragmatic Approach

Dear Sir,
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I am submitting an idea to strenghen it further.


As a veteran, one is delighted to see the way our ESM group are persueing the issue "OROP" towards it's logical conclusion. However it demands a delicate handling and avoid any negative impact/out burst. A pragmatic approach is the Order of the Day to solve it.

Most of us had learnt few valuable lessions during our Service Life....How [ psychologically] to win the Hearts and Mind of our Hostiles ;How [intelligently] to isolate fish out of the water and how[tactically] to fight the Guerrila like a Guerrila.

Generally our Politicians, Bureocrats and Media take us in high esteem. Good will projected by them should be accepted with grace.

There should be no' Derogatory expression' against the CADRE as a whole by any of us.On the contrary they should be won over . There are few who are instrumental in their attempt to reject our right cause. They are the FISH[rotten] to be isolated out of the Water, the way it was done during the recent Media projection[NDTV].

Another important factor is our in house 'Soul Searching'. The role played by some of our Serving Brethren, who are not practicing What they preach;

'The Service Tradition'.

Our success revolves around 'POSITIVE MIND SET' and 'UNITY' with warm regards--Parasar.

Lt Col S K Parasar [veteran]

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