Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OROP programme on NDTV on 12 Sep by Air Cmde Pannu

From: T Pannu [mailto:tpannu@gmail.com]
Sent: 14 September 2010 09:44
Subject: OROP programme on NDTV on 12 Sep
Dear Brig Kamboj,

Sorry for late reaction; had been pre-occupied on something urgent.

Have read with interest comments by various ESM on the NDTV programme. While there has been positive appreciation by majority, a few have expressed dissatisfaction; wonder what were the expectations of the latter.
It was nice of General Oberoi to have intimated in advance that the programme stands edited to a great extent. Inspite of the editing, what came out was excellent. The aim of creating awareness among public, specially the younger generation, regarding ill treatment being meted out to armed forces was, by and large, achieved.
There is no guarantee, however, whether it would make any dent on the mind-set of bureaucrats, few of whom seem to have sworn that they would not let OROP come thru.
Notwithstanding, we need to follow Gita to do our duty without caring for the outcome. I think, IESM deserves appreciation for relentlessly following this path; God will help.

Looking at the event dispassionately, all the speakers were at their best in their assigned roles. Gen Kadyan & Gen Oberoi stood out by showing grace in remaining calm, yet conveyed the message very effectively and meaningfully.
Kudos to Shri Rajeev Chandrashekhar MP, who in my opinion, could be termed as "Star Performer". Single handedly, he is proving a big force behind us; we owe our gratitude to him and should wish him "All the best in life".
Kicks to Capt Davar, who seems to be the biggest stooge of AICC. Looks like, he is brainwashed; wonder whether he served in Indian Army or some other one. Less said about him, the better.
Mrs Indu Liberhan and Prof Ajay Shah appeared to have been given a mandate or hired by the bureaucracy to tow their line and, let us admit, they did their job as they were expected.
Incidently, Mrs Liberhan is not from IAS; she is most likely from IDAS cadre. In mid 90s(before my retirement), we had stayed in the same block in Kaka Nagar and she appealed to us as a good human being. Probably, she was now cast in a different role by the IAS, who like to fire from others' shoulders.
Cmde Uday Bhaskar's interjection was really superb; Mr Manvender Singh, Capt Sidhu, Lt Pandey etc and the younger generation added spice to the show.
Last but not the least, it could not have been possible without Ms Burkha Dutt; she is really too good and adorable; God bless her!!!

Let us now think of what next?
T Pannu
Air Cmde (Retd)

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