Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV ..Views by Col DP Gupta

From: dharam gupta [mailto:prakashdpg@yahoo.com]
Sent: 12 September 2010 21:18
To: CS Kamboj
Subject: OROP We the people

My dear Brig,

It was an eye opener not only to us the Armed Forces Veteran but for the
people of India. Our representatives did a wonderful discussion and rebuffed
Capt Dawar's claims.

i feel that we need to find answers to the following points to push our
case through:-

- legal tenability of OROP as the Govt is harping on it.

- Answer to the proposal that give greater compensation rather than asking
for OROP

- counter the argument of the Prof .... that under one roof ,son and
father will have different pensions. it is law of nature

(I saw the programme on internet. I feel that this was the only correct
point spoken by Professor Shaw.
Rest whatever he spoke - were statements by a heartless and brainless

I guess he is employed by the Babus as a financial adviser and is on their
pay roll.

When one raises a point at such high level discussions – the likely
response of others should be anticipated, appreciated and if the response is
not likely to be favourable – such a point should not be raised.

The point about father and son emoluments was a not weighed before speaking
it out.

The person who raised the point desrved that answer.
– Chander Kamboj)

All the speakers for Armed Forces case need congratulations.
Sh Chandrashekhar, MP needs special appreciation.

Col D P Gupta

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