Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDTV...Views by Cmde Lk Batra

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14 September 2010

Dear Veterans,

In democracy it is healthy to express opinion and deabate the issue and that is exactly what happened.

But I confess Hony. Lt. (Veteran) Lt Pandey takes the cake.

In my view OROP programme was a Grand Success.

Any debate which is one sided is no good. It does not give food for thought to viewers. It gives the impression of being rigged.

In my interaction with media, when ever I release an RTI expose, I always insist on reporters to include the views/comments of other side/government functionaries.

Media is suppose to play neutral role.

However in OROP programme, NDTV clearly appeared to have favoured OROP cause.

First they organised the programme and had done a lot of research.

In invite list who favoured OROP outnumbered those against it.

In audience list (in studio) 100 percent invitees were for OROP and that too youth brigade in majority. I bet most of them were ‘Fauji Bachaa’s' and their friends. Good for us. Youth is the right choice to carry our message to the civil society.

Time and again the anchor (Barkha) cross examined those who made points against OROP. Davar was badly ticked when used the word ‘sympathise’.

Probably those who have participated in such media programmes in the past and have experience, would know that it is not fish market. However in this case, those present in the studio during recording know passions were running high when ever any one spoke against OROP.

To restrict the telecast to allotted time of 50 minutes, the editing was inevitable.

I reiterate the programme facilitated a 'Leap Forward' to our cause.

I must say, we have to be tolerant to criticism if we have to create Public Opinion for OROP cause.

I humbly propose circulating the link of NDTV Programme on OROP to the civil society.


Please do that by sending the link to your contacts in the civil world with your write up. Request them to pass it on…. And make a long chain...

I have posted it to all my contacts in India and abroad and also various RTI Groups. Soon this link will be posted on Face book and other social networking sites.

These are my views and I am open to criticism and suggestions.

All my communications are in Public Domain.

{Commodore Lokesh. K. Batra (retd.)}
Social & RTI Activist


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