Monday, August 30, 2010

AFTER ACTION REPORT ..Candle Light Rally at Chandigarh

On 30 August 2010 23:13, Veteran Brig Nawab Heer

CANDLE LIGHT RALLY AT CHANDIGARH ON MONDAY, 30 AUG 2010Dear All,In the last two years, it was first initiative to hold a rally at night that too candle night in the Tri City. Best feedback will be given by others, but we are very well satisfied with the response from Veterans of Tri City from Sepoy to Major Generals. In fact we had large number of gathering from officers. There were six electronic Media channels, 10 vernacular channels and six national papers. It was widely covered live by Day and Night channel and PTC. Others will relay tomorrow and I hope all appears will cover the event. There were almost 250 officers and their lady wives and children. Number was less, considering short notice and first time. In a very short time from 1930 to 2030h bonhomiewe established was really very heartening. In fact our ladies wer more enthuastic than Veterans.Many of them spoke to the media very well. Brig BS Gill,Vrc,Maj Gen Pushpinder Singh,Maj Gen RS Batra,Brig KK,Brig Opinder,Brig Harwnt,Brig Gill and there were far too many other senior officers whom I could not meet.Media gave full support, so was the support from Local citizens. Even Chandigarh Police was supportive, we did not know that we cannot hold rallies at sector 17 WO permission, but we did. Next time we will take advance permission.Yesterday, there was a rally at Patiala, today Chandigarh next week Monday at Gurdaspur. Then all over in all cities of Punjab. We will request to hold such rallies all over India. One it is easy to hold, second it is peaceful, third everyone including ladies feel happy to participate, four it is very low cost almost and last like insurgency it gives more dividends. It will generate a good pressure; fact that two channels covered live speaks for itself.I propose next one at war Memorial Chandigarh for Tri City again during Day on 16 December and again peaceful without speeches but, call all have picnic. We can interact amongst ourselves and media in small groups. Weather will be good. Please give views.Lastly, I express my thanks to all veterans and their lady wives for participation and please be part of the group in future too. It was again a very good experiment at Amalgamation of all ESM organisations which worked; everyone rose above party lines. That IS what IESM must strive.On thankful note to all particularly, Brig KK Sir, please send your honest feedback. Regards, Veteran Nawab Heer

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