Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suggestion by lawyer...Col MG Kapoor

From: Madan Gopal Kapoor []
Sent: 19 August 2010 11:53

Dear Brig Kamboj Sir,

I wanted to render whatever help I could in IESM struggle for 'OROP' and other related issues concerning the Indian Ex-servicemen. I know IESM needs funds to continue its struggle and also needs appropriate legal advice.

Whereas I am always available for any legal advice for whatever it is worth, I also have a proposal, if you find it is workable, to help generate some funds for the IESM. In my capacity as a lawyer having some experience, I have a proposal as given in the succeeding paras.

Many a litigant run to the courts when faced with a problem. They think they have a grievance, whether they have it or not. They contact the lawyers and pose their grievance. Many a lawyer mislead them showing rosy paths. Ultimately the sufferer is the litigant. By the time he realises he has lost a lot of money.

I propose to give free legal advice through internet.

However, there shall be a condition. I propose that before I give my advice the querist, if an officer, should pay a fee of Rs. 1000/- for any query, Rs. 500/- if JCO and Rs. 200/- if an OR to be paid to the IESM by way of demand draft sent directly to the IESM HQ. On the IESM confirming having receipt the demand draft I shall give my legal advice to the querist.

I may venture to say that the queries may not be limited to service matters alone. I can render advice in matrimonial, property, succession, consumer law, unfair trade practice, suits for damages and many other fields too. I have adequate experience in these fields.

You may like to suggest a different approach or an alternative method how I can help IESM generate funds.


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