Friday, August 27, 2010

Marshal of the Air arjun Singh speaks for OROP

Marshal of the Air Arjun singh on TV programme on OROP
Dear Veterans,

Every Veteran would have been busy listening to Maj Gen Satbir Singh's 9.30 interview on NDTV. Though he could not reach the studio, his voice could be heard loud & clear. The transcript may also be made available in a couple of days.

I was fortunate to see the interview in 'Times Now' of Marshall of the Air Force, Arjan Singh, the senior most veteran amongst us today, conducted by Arnab Gosami at about 9.15 pm.

The Marshall was categorical & emphatic in his views:-

The demand of OROP is absolutely legitimate.

The Veterans are demanding this for the past 26 years.

26 years back, he himself was involved in one of the stirs, when VP Singh was forced to have a conciliatory dialogue with the agitating ESM.

On a question from Arnab, he said that the return of medals is not a good thing & he is very disappointed for having come to such a pass. However, such an act should be viewed as sending a strong message by the Veterans & nothing more to it.

On another question whether the Central Govt Servants may also resort to such demand, he said that the criteria of soldiers are entirely different than those of Civil Servants. The two, therefore, are not comparable at all.

In both the interviews, the browbeating of the Govt by the MPs into submission, figured. They have now got Rs 10,000/- more to their already secured 300% hike. We wish them well & hopefully, atleast from now on, they will start discharging their constitutional duties.

But they had succeeded in initiating the domino effect. Now, the Members of Legislative Assemblies of various States, have laid their claim on similar lines.

The impact of the IESM Rally on 22 August, has really caught on the imagination of the Media of both versions.The Hindu & Sun TV have also come out with full coverage.

Gen Raj Kadyan's mail today exhibits the similar buyoncy, getting a word of support from a Police Officer, who said that we deserve it.

Veteran Raman

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