Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Merry go round ECHS by Cdr avtar singh

Subject: Programme on ECHS
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 17:02:41 +0530

Respected General Sir,

I understand that you are attending a programme on ECHS tonight on DD News.

Be good enought to address the following.

1. Where should a veteran from East Delhi go in case of High fever during silent hours

2. Is there any plan by ECHS to position specialist of various field at ECHS poly clinic (s there any deadline)

3. The procedure currently followed by an arthritis patient needing joint replacement of knee is

(a) To first visit ECHS Polyclinic

(b) To take a referral for Base hospital (about 40 KM away from East Delhi) and visit Base hospital

(c) Visit again Base hospital and carry out investigations

(d) Take a referral for Referral from Base hospital and then come back to ECHS poly clinic

(e) Take a referral for R & R% from ECHS and then visit R and R

(f) Complete investigation reqd by R and R and then visit specialist

(g) Take a date for operation

(h) Carryout out pre operation formalities and then undergo operation.
4 Can the above formality be cut down

5. What is the maximum distance from Base hospital beyond which a patient can opt for empan
elled hospital?


Avtar Singh
Lt Cdr

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