Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks to Shro Rajeev Chandrasekhar by Gen AJB Jaini


Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 20:33:21 +0530

Dear Mr Chandrasekhar,
It is, indeed, with our most innate gratitude, that we wish to convey our THANKFULLNESS to you for your unstinted support to our 'Cause' of 'ONE RANK - ONE PENSION'.
Let me confide in you by saying that EVERYONE of us Ex-Servicman ( ESM ) have deeply appreciated your Letter to the Prime Minister on this issue.
It is, indeed, so very noble & thoughtfull of you to have written so forcefully as you have. We only hope that the Govt will now 'sit up' & grant us our legitimate dues which have been 'dragged' into bureaucratic hassles since past 26 yrs.
Our 'Indian Ex-Serviceman Movement ' - 'IESM' has set out to 'stand up' & demand for Justice to ESM. Over the past 30 months of our existance we have succeeded in bringing the problems & injustices to centrestage.
Now, with the support of 'right thinking' political sources of power like YOU, we do hope that we will be able to get what has been due to us since ages.
THANK YOU, Sir, for all that YOU have done. The 30 Lakhs (+) of ESM in our country, as also their families, will forever remain indebted to you for your thoughtfull kindness.
Your refusal to accept the amoluments increased for an MP, is something which we appreciate as a rare gesture on your part.
The IESM Salutes you, Sir, for your indulgence in our 'Cause'.

P.S. - It will be our pleasure to meet & interact with you whenever you are in Delhi next.

With Best Wishes fm us all
Yours affly
Major General A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM ( Veteran )
Member Governing Body - IESM

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