Monday, August 30, 2010

Mail from Brig CS Kamboj...

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
I was away on a pleasure trip with family for five days – not allowed to even look towards my laptop.
Came back dead tired – so another day gone sleeping.

Over 500 emails in my in box, including 106 emails for becoming member of email service of "REPORT MY SIGNAL".
(never before such large numbers applied at the same time – I am amazed. I think total numbers may now reach around 1900 individuals & about 55 ESM Groups. A very good sign of ESM mustering together).

Registering one member takes around 10 minutes – I will definitely register all new members who havae already applied and even more - but it will take time.
Kindly tell your friends to kindly forgive me for the delay in their receiving direct emails from me.

Other emails – I will pick up depending on proper subject headings etc. Whatever old emails I can clear in next two days – I will.
Rest have to be just deleted otherwise I will continue in arrears for long period.
If your important email does not appear in next two days – please re-send it.

Kindly use discretion in sending emails to me.
As far as possible, please send emails only pertaining to the All India Movement by ESM against injustice to Defence Services.

Please do not send emails pertaining to nuclear strategy or other national problems or on religion etc.
Kindly help me in giving you useful service, which is possible if you can avoid sending long trailing trash emails to me.

Please delete my email ID from your usual forward net. Include my ID when you feel it is worth sending to all on the "REPORT MY SIGNAL" net.
Please use only my ID . Delet all other email IDs of mine you have – PLEASE.

In service of Indian Military VeteransChander Kamboj.

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