Friday, August 27, 2010

Fernce Sitters by Col Kirit

Dear All,

I have led the MEDAL DEPOSITING TEAM 5 times. Every time, not only the police but the staff present at Rashtrapati Bhawan have fully supported our close.

Last night at 1025 PM , i recieved 5 calls from my Sr civilian friends,
to inform me about programme on OROP on TIMES NOW . This speaks
of awareness and support from other quarters. which we were looking for.

Rally , and intervews by Satbir and Raj have been very well recieved by
all sections of society apart from ESM community.

Mr Salve`s presence and his concern was heart warming. His offer for legal assistence need to be discussed and deliberated for obvious reasons , which i am sure Gov Body would do.

Hope and pray that fence sitters particularly among officer class, quite a few of them inquiring when we come across, "" ARE BHAI, YEH BATAO KEH KUCH HOGA? AUR HUM KO KYA MILEGA?', ALSO JOIN US TO STRENTHEN OUR MOVE MENT.Just see how all MsP and MsLA and burearocrats join to gather , forgetting their differences for common cause-- increase in salary!!! ESM community should also learn from them.



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