Friday, August 27, 2010

NDTV programme by Col Baba

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Very Good despite the fact it was only audio of Gen Satbir and not Video. His booming voice and clarity of points were very good.

Subsequent to that in my browsing I found a programme on OROP in Times Now at about 1035 p.m. Gen Kadyan, Col Inderjit, Gen JFR Jacob and Mr Salve were there. Very good programme to bring out the issue of OROP. Very heartening to hear Mr. Salve supporting our cause and willing to extend his support. He only had a point that the returning of medals was not correcct since these medals are given to the soldiers by the people of India and not any individual in the Govt. Gen Kadyan did not get a chance to respond to that immediately. But when he did get a chance to respond he thanked Mr Salve for his support. IT IS UNFORTUNATE THAT HE FAILED TO CLARIFY THAT THESE MEDALS ARE NOT RETURNED BUT ON THE OTHER HAND THEY ARE DEPOSITED WITH THE SUPREME COMMANDER AS A FORM OF PROTEST TILL WE GET OROP.

I wish he had done that.

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