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To: Kamboj Chander

The experience of veterans makes a sad reading and we owe it to them to put our heads, hearts and hands together and set the system run smoothly. Some of the possible steps may be considered..

Since clearing of hospital bills seems to be the demon we must streamline it and lay down a time limit for clearance of bills after which the bills must be deemed ‘passed’.

Pending this we have to contact both empanelled and other super speciality hospitals and seek their assistance to provide facility to veterans at subsidised rates or alternately.

The veteran pays as per the ECHS rates and himself claims the bill money paid by him. Rather tough for us to bear but can be of use when no other avenue is open.

We must allowed to consult/get diagnosis from any super specialist of our choosing by paying ourselves and get the recommended treatment /medicines through ECHS.

Diabetics seem to be the worst hit. They require regular sugar level checks..Fasting,PP,3 AM,..before dinner ,after dinner. and random as advised by the specialist. They must be given a Glucometer once in 3 years and a pack of 25 strips every 3 months to relieve their ordeal. This is the way they test in the best specialist hospitals also. For Gurgaon the diabetes specialist on panel visits Rockland for 2 hours thrice a week but a full fledged Diabetic Centre Sitaram Bhartiya Research institute is not on panel even though the offer comprehensive packages to diabetitce esp veterans.

The point requiring immediate attention is the travelling of veterans from bus stops to ECHS and back .The sick and aged have to trudge along for good 5 km or so one way and get back again in rain,sun or cold by most uncomfortable means or on foot mostly having to carry the month’s CSD stuff also..

We have to immediately provide ,to begin with amenity transport from the unit running the show and the two CSD stores from canteen profits and along with contact corporate,,TATAS,MAHENDRAS etc to lend a helping hand. Let us really take care of the men we commanded.

Now Let US FACE THE BALL. G of I,MOD,RRM OR P.M cannot be expected to come to our resecue because we are APOLITICAL...the neuteral......
The ECHS has all the senior , talented and well known officers as members we must request them to contact the various hospitals , corporates and NGOs and seek maximum help and co-orperation. This can be our only hope to find solace and do our duty to the vateranse.

Major Mehandru

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