Monday, August 16, 2010

IESM- "Voice of the Veterans"..Views bY Col Raman on article by Hony Lt Pandey

Dear Veterans,

It is obvious that the words of Veteran Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey, were from his heart. One of the original members of IESM right from its inception, his singular contributions & achievements for the cause of IESM is morale booster for all of us.

There are members who offer constructive criticism & many of their views are taken in the spirit they are projected. I am not mentioning the direct insinuation by a Veteran against our VC, because I do not want to elevate his remarks to a subject worthy of discussion. An extract of my mail pertaining to the TV discussion, "Defence Watch" is given below.

The relevance of IESM cannot be wished away either by the Govt or by other ESM Organisations. Praveen Davar, Secretary, AICC, has projected a veiled threat of forming of a new ESM outfit, named Indian Ex-Servicemen Association (IESA). May be it is to thwart any attempt of ESL & IESM converging on at least some of the issues, as evidenced in the TV show. So, we will have IESL, IESM & IESA.

What ever may be the intention of the originator of such schemes, which are directed to ensure a split amongst the ESM Organisations, the fact remains that it is the IESM which has created such a psychological impact on the dormant ESM community, which the Govt is not able to ignore.

Therefore, we can rightfully claim the title of the "Voice of the Veterans".

May I humbly suggest that, hereafter, we make our letter head as given below:-

Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement
( Voice of the Veterans)

To start with the same can be depicted in our RMS.

Regards & Best wishes,
Veteran Raman

(Extracts of my mail on the TV Programme)

"Defence Watch

This was the first time that the two stalwarts from IESL & IESM faced each other in a discussion, not to fight each other, but to lay a path of coexistence. Brig Gulia was there, as a matter of right. He has the numbers & the recognition by the Govt. Whereas, Maj Gen Satbir Singh was there, due to the psychological impact the IESM had made with much smaller membership base. In a span of couple of years, IESM has become the "Voice of the Veterans". The result is obvious. The Govt cannot ignore its presence. Do the numbers really matter?"

Veteran Raman

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