Friday, August 27, 2010

Fake medals letter to Mr Davar and IE by Maj Ravindran

Ravindran Major
date Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 8:31 AM

subject Congress 's dirty tricks dept at it again!

This refers to the report ‘Ex-servicemen returned fake medals’ at

Thank God, Davar has exposed how the Congress party functions! Unfortunately for the congress party and fortunately for the nation, the soldiers, past and present, are too honourable and upright to think in terms of collecting fake medals and signing petitions in fake blood. Well, one doesn't know whether the Govt at the Centre, headed by the Congress for most years after 15 Aug 1947, has been/ is presenting fake medals to the soldiers.

Coming to the question of availabiltiy of fake medals in the market, doesn't the ruling party's spokesperson find anything illegal in it that needs investigation? If such medals were available in the open market then why should young soldiers sacrifice their lives for the non-existant glory attached to such medals? Those aspiring to joining the armed forces may also give this a thought!

Better still, in an attempt to discredit the leadership of IESM, by mentioning that Gen Kadyan is a senior member of the CommonWealth Games Organising Committee (CWG OC- a name that is uttered with utmost repulsion by every knowledgeable Indian!) , Davar has unwittingly added fuel to the scandal that the Govt, headed by his party, has been trying to cover up!

It is also regrettable that a media of IE's standing has published this baseless allegation without verifying the facts which it could have done easily. After all Jantar Mantar- the scene of all rights related activities- where the returning of medals and signing of the petition took place was never inaccessible to the journos who should be following the foot steps of the great Goenka, the one and only media person who had stood up to the Emergency!

Yours truly

P M Ravindran
2/18, 'Aathira', Kalpathy-678003

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