Monday, August 23, 2010

Views by Amit Bhadhuri

In a message dated 22/08/2010 15:19:01 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Brig. Kamboj,

I am neither shocked nor surprised, that, our (Hon?) President did not meet the delegation today. We do not elect our Presidents but have a weird way putting them in the tax payer funded Presidential Palace and my memory is very strong how she got there. I did not have slightest doubt that she would not meet the delegation. The country's power-brokers and its stakeholders are mostly sycophants and they have no principles, values and respect for the Armed forces who have been protecting the country day and night relentlessly since 15th August 1947.

This is not the first time such efforts have failed as such is the attitude of the supreme commander. We may have to change our strategy. I am sure that there are so many generals and senior officers surely they will find a new strategy as they did in the battlefields. Our aim must be "we must not stop until we win this
legitimate struggle".

I am slightly taken aback, that, it is the same govt so shameless and have the cheek to ask the Army to help in the CWG preparations completely free when the same lot is responsible for plundering thousands of crores tax and rate payers money in CWG projects. How shameless they are? The job of the Army is to protect the country against any foreign aggression and not to be used as and when required for odd civilian jobs. In the west where Armed forces are
well valued, respected and are totally bar from any such odd use even during emergency needs. Our Army need to take a stand and just need to do that.

With warm regards,
Amit Bhadhuri
Former CISF Officer

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