Monday, August 9, 2010

DD Programme

From: brig kml
Date: 9 August 2010 15:05
Subject: Re: [MilitaryVeterans] On TV Tonight
To: CK Sharma

Dear sir,

I am Brig Mrs K Muthulaxmy retired from MNS an 1.7.1996 and presently doing advocatery at Chennai.Watched the DD yesterday. Gen Satbir sir, my hearty congratulations,you brought it well.Yes when a PBOR /Officer retire at the age of 35 to 40 he has a big responsibility to educate his children and care for his old parents.At that time he has a mere pension to meet all the big expenditures.I suggest that why can't we take up this with Def ministry if the PBOR/officer is willing, immediately he must be placed in approprate civil service.Certainly the Ex service men will give better out put than his civil counterpart.

2. This is to clarify from Air Marchal Rai,
Sir I am a core group member of AFVOA Chennai.
When the ECHS started I did attend the meeting of then AG Lt.Gen Natarajan and I am sorry to say not even
10% is put in practice.
I have a few points to state on behalf of AFVOA Chenani.
a) A vetran to get his blood routine check up he has to come as far as 25 kms to ECHS poly clinic. He is being an autogeneran 80 + he has to come by car or an Auto that cost atleast Rs 300/- one way.
b) If a fasting blood test he has to wait fasting till 9 AM.Echs opens at 8 Am and get your chit made to reach Lab it will be 9 Am.Is it advisable a diabetic patient to wait till 9 Am empty stomach, he will be hypoglycemic and get the wrong report and treated as per the report again he has to make two trips to ECHS to show the report to Dr and get the medicine.Total expenditure will be roughly Rs.600/-
c) This can be avoided by allowing them to get a blood sugar and what ever the test done at near by lab and reimburse the money when he produce the bill to OIC ECHS.
d)ECHS Polyclinics working hrs are from 8 am to 4 pm.Continouse 8 hrs a Dr to work efficiently ? and get a pay of Rs 20000/-A private Dr if he is a specialit his counseltation is Rs 300/- and a just MBBS Rs 100 to150.Our ECHS Dr as an average attend 50 to 60 pts.and what is their pay?just Rs 20000/-and on top we fix the age limit,that is one of the main reason most Drs not keen to join ECHS.
e) Echs works up to 4 pm,where as Hospital working Hrs upto 2 Pm. Some medicines are not available at ECHS and has to be collected from hospital pharmacy which closes at 2 Pm, and the poor Ex service man has to make one more visit to collect the medicine.

My humble submission to
Air Marshal Rai , Sir can you kindly take up the matter with higher authorities and find a solution.

I have some solution from Chennai
1. Please allow to get the blood test done by near by lab and pay the money on production of the lab bill.No one want to waste their precious blood for the sake of mere Rs 100/-
2. The OIC ECHS must be given some financial power to pay the Ex Service men like the small bills and also OIC to buy some medicine instead making the old ex service men to come many times.
With warm regard

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