Monday, August 16, 2010

Sad and Bad

From: Amit Bhadhuri []
Sent: 15 August 2010 11:18
To: Brig. C S Kamboj
Cc: Maj. Gen APS Chauhan; Maj.Gen. Aditya Jaini; Maj.Gen. Gagandeep Bakshi; Major Rajinder Singh; Col. Rajendra Narain Kakar
Subject: Sad and Bad

Dear Brig. Kamboj,

It would have possibly been better not to publish the letter of B S Chooker. The name speaks for itself (Choker)?. I have serious doubt, that, the person is an Ex-Colonel because of the language.

Again, he could be a mad man and unfortunately there have always been a few in the Army too or he has a grudge against the General.

To the best of my knowledge Gen. Satbir Singh is doing a great job voluntarily and this petty incident should not be any distraction to him. Here is a real life incident I would like to mention. Only three days ago, I met with a very elderly lady in a charity gathering whose husband was a 1942 commissioned officer and one time was on SO course at Mhou living very close to great FM Sam Maneckshaw when the FM was commandant there. When asked by me she had difficulty to say anything good of the great FM. I understood and quietly moved to the next person.

This is life and though vengeful criticism hurts but we need to move on. And of course, must leave the vengeful behind.

Amit Bhadhuri
Former CISF officer
(Dear Amit,
What you have said above is generally true. I generally agree with you.
However, I believe that when someone makes some baseless very strong allegations, those must be made public to show that we are not scared of such cowardly and ungentle-manly statements. Yes, minor ‘bakwas’ from anyone – I couldn’t care less. What Colonel Chhokar said cannot be treated as minor ‘bakwas’. Gen Satbir Singh is a highly devoted ESM, who in last two years has suffered severe damage to his health. He has almost lost one eye and the second is also now affected – and people have the cheeks to doubt that fine soldier.

Most of the members are probably not aware that I get quite a few emails accusing me of so many things. I do not respond to them or I respond politely and forgive them. I am very humble and polite to all whether it is the President of India or a very lowly paid person; I treat them all with same respect and humility.

I have lot of patience. However, I have been a “No-nonsense-man” all my life. Like everyone else, my patience also has a limit; when that limit is crossed – I give it back with compound interest. That is how I have lived my entire service life and living my retired life. I have NO intentions to change this life style.

Let me also take this opportunity to say that IESM Governing Body is grateful to you for the keen interest you are taking in the activities of ESM. There are only a handful of civilians who are constantly writing to us and supporting us in our activities. We also thank you for your kind offer for donating money for Leh relief.

– Very fond regards – Chander Kamboj)


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