Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well done Hony Lt Pandey by Commodore Surojit Neogi (IN)(Retired) from Kolkata

From: Surojit Neogi
Date: 17 August 2010 07:34
To: pandeykameshwar@gmail.com
Cc: prabirgoswami

Dear Kameshwar,

We may not have had the good fortune to have been acquainted either in uniform or in retired life and now settled miles apart. Your mail (forwarded by a dear friend and course-mate) was touching and spoken as a true soldier. What many forget is that "independence" of an individual is limited to the perimeter of one's nose. After which "independence" of others commence. From the stories that I heard from my father (also a vet of IN now late) I shudder to think that those who received independence on a platter cannot fathom the meaning of being under British Yoke. You have penned albeit few lines but have raised the same serious question of propriety and decency. All individuals who criticize are doing so mainly either to flaunt their egoistical superiority or are plain jealous at the accolades received by "pillars" of IESM. Cast them aside, and, let them drift.........

2. Politeness seems to be a thing of past tradition and now feel they have "freedom" to express their thoughts (may be with malice, may be guttural, may be obnoxious) but fail to acknowledge that "if you have nothing to do then don't do it here". Unsupported, unqualified criticism is a trait observed in many Indians. So friend do take heart. You may find yourself amongst like minded individuals albeit a distance apart. Truth is something which cannot be hidden and blurred. Keep at it.

3. Do keep up your good work. God Bless, wish you a happy, peaceful Independence Day (do for the time being set aside PMs speech from Lal Killa) and do enjoy the painful strides you have taken thus far and will do so in future.........................

Commodore Surojit Neogi (IN)(Retired) from Kolkata

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