Friday, August 27, 2010


Dear All,

1. There was a very lively discussion on PTC Punjabi channel on 26 Aug at 2030h on OROP.

2. Panelists were Brig HS Ghuman,Brig Nawab Singh,Col Boparai,Prof HS Mehta,Mr Bains Media Advisor to CM Punjab.It was conducted by Mr Ritesh Lukhy.

3. I made following main points.

A. RM has said in the parliament that they were near the goal and it will take long to implement OROP.Marshal of Air Force Arjun Singh,Senior Most Serving defence Officer, has said on TV that he sat on Dharana at India gate 25 years back when he had just retired to protest for OROP.RM says it will take time,they have taken 25 years now and if they take 25 more;will they pay soldiers in cemeteries and graves?

B. ESM agitation started 30 years back,since 2008(At The Time of 6th pay Commission) IESM was formed and we agitated by returning 6000 medals,submitting Memorandum to PM signed with our blood,carried out rallies in whole country and now planning candle light marches in whole country.Still no reaction.Do they want us to agitate like Maoists?We are Disciplined soldiers and pushed to a wall,we may take any steps.

4. Following points came out from other members.
A. Financial impacts are not much.
B. Pakistan and Chinese armies pay their Veterans so well.
C. main reason for Young Cream not joining Army is that they see Veterans agitating for additional Pension.
D. Most civilians already get OROP.Rest cannot compare with defence forces.
E. Punjab Government will pass a resolution and write to Central government to grant OROP pay to Veterans,it was assured by Media advisor to CM.
F. All citizens support OROP.
G. Media and Citizens feel Government sis still not serious in granting OROP.They are still fooling soldiers.

5. I announced on PTC that we are holding candle Light March at Chandigarh on 30 Aug at 1930h at Sector 17,Fountain area.

Brig Nawab Singh

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