Monday, August 30, 2010

Educating the youth...Kargil War - CD- Projection in Schools by Col Raman

Dear Veterans,

On 27 Aug 10, I had an opportunity to talk to the students of 11 & 12 Standards in Lady Sivaswamy Higher Secondary School, Mylapore, Chennai. A total of 200 Boys & Girls, with their Class teachers attended the Presentation. The Presentation was done in the School's Auditorium.

There are certain points I wish to bring out to the Veterans, who may be addressing such audience.

The students are captive audience, well mannered & disciplined. They want to learn more about the Army way of life, especially the career prospects & promotion avenues.

Kargil war is now more than 10 years old. Most of the students of 11 &12 Standards, would have been only between 7 & 9 years old during the time of the war, ie, in 1999. They would not have been watching the TV during that period, in a serious way as the older people would have been doing. Therefore, I request the Veterans to kindly prepare a brief introductory speech, covering the background to the conflict, lasting for just three minutes. The DVD can be projected after the introduction.

Some inquisitive students ask questions. Some of the questions I faced are as under:-

Why the guns keep firing when you do not see any enemy?
Why hand over the dead bodies of enemy soldiers with ceremony?
Did they (Pakistanis) also hand over the bodies of our soldiers in a similar way?
In the modern days, there are missiles, rockets & laser guided bombs available. Then why sacrifice the youth to physically capture every peak?

Kindly prepare yourselves to face more of such questions.

Veteran Raman

Col (Retd) TN Raman
E5/230, AWHO Parameswaran Vihar,
67, Arcot Road, Saligramam,
Chennai 600093

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