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DD PROGRAMME ON VETERANS OF 08 AUG 10 -by Veteran Ram Gulrajani

fromRam Gulrajani
to"IESM Kamboj CS, Brig" ,,
IESM Satbir Singh Maj Gen ,
IESM Raj Kadyan Lt Gen

dateTue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:41 AM

subjectComment:DD PROGRAMME ON VETERANS OF 08 AUG 10 -

Dear Veterans

I too watched the said programme on DD News. The input from Veteran Ranjit Rai is very apt. Gen Satbir Singh put forth the point of view of veterans and about the injustices meted out to them, aptly and appropriately within the time constraints. Given a little more time and opportunity Gen Satbir would have laid bare many more indiscriminations on soldiers and veterans and put to shame all those pseudo patriots and their side-kicks who sing hypocritical paeans to defence forces on national occasions (one such approaching very soon). It was very heartening to see Brig Gulia (IESL) and Gen Satbir (IESM) complementing each other on the issue of veterans. However, my only regret is that the programme was telecast too late in the night when most of the people have already retired for the day and that it was on DD News, the least watched programme among the bouquet of news channels. All the same, as a sarkari channel, it was good.

Regarding the 'jar' at Gen Satbir calling Gen Mehta 'Sir' on the programme, I wish to state that it is in the ethos of Defence Forces (at least in the Army) to continue to address the person as 'Sir' who had been once his senior. Many youngsters who once called me 'Sir' and scaled greater heights in life, continue to address me 'Sir' even today. At one occasion when I addressed 'Sir' to an officer who had been a youngster in my regiment, he got down from the podium, embraced me and without any hesitation said: "Sir, I am still the same old bacha for you. Please don't call me Sir. I have still many things to learn from you." Touching elocution and down to earth sentiment. That is the culture which binds us and makes us unique in the otherwise jungli milieu in which we step in after retirement. As veterans we may be equal but in our approach we do not shed our respect for each other. This American culture of equality is alien to both British and Indian culture.

Veteran Ram Gulrajani

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